Jet Set Team Spotlight: Bryce & Tatiana are Taking Client’s Results to the Next Level

BryceWhen we launched our Jet Set Body fitness program a few year back, Bryce Henson was one of the first to complete the program with an incredible transformation. After completing our program, Bryce’s new found passion for fitness lead him to open a Fit Body Boot Camp. His first location was so successful, he and his gorgeous girlfriend Tatiana decided to open up a few more. He now runs THREE incredibly successful boot camps in Southern California.

We had kept in touch with Bryce, and when Rob and I began our Jet Set Life Team, we knew that Bryce and Tatiana would be a perfect fit! They’re a fun loving couple that loves to travel the world, are business savvy and follow their passions. We are beyond thrilled that they trusted us and decided to join our crew in the early start-up phase, and they’ve been crushing it ever since! We had the pleasure of joining their boot camp during the launch of their most recent and greatest challenge (see pic of us goofing around jumping below).

11143167_690550287755912_6973663247931109286_nNot only are the Fit Body Boot Camp clients a massively motivated bunch, you can really feel the love in that sweaty boot camp air! (The day we visited the FBBC crew also happened to be the day Bryce and Tatiana hit a MASSIVE milestone in our company, advancing to a new rank where they can begin to earn six-freaking-figures annually).

Success and shenanigans aside, what we love most about Bryce and Tatiana is their dedication to their clients. Since implementing our nutrition system, their clients are now averaging 20lbs of weight loss per 8-week challenge!!!

Bryce and Tatiana have uncovered the perfect combination of easy breezy all-natural nutrition and kick-ass workouts for their peeps!

Here is their interview….

1. What does your typical day look like?

We are in the business builder phase of my career and life. Therefore, up at 4am and cranking away until 7:30pm. Bed by 8:30pm. Each day is different as we have a few different locations for our fitness facilities so are bouncing around with each days schedule. Although each day is very very structured. Sounds boring as its written but we work hard, and travel harder!! #jetsetlife

12729138_10153594485739086_2251945168365096910_n2. Why did you begin this business?

We added the Jet Set Life Team nutrition line because it was an amazing compliment to our fitness businesses. While our fit body boot camp, HIIT program is best in class. Nutrition is the main driver of change/physical results and why clients come to us. Thus, this offered a solution we could get them better results, which makes them happier, makes us happier, and ensures we get longer term clients :–)

3. How long have you been in this business? What has been your highest month income?

We started taking the products in January of 2015 and started the business in April of 2015 once we saw the results on ourselves. Our biggest month has been $5,300 of commissions to date, with much bigger goals in the near future. Not bad for an additional stream of income!

4. What were your objections (why were you skeptical) or biggest obstacles you had to over come?

Being in fitness, we are bombarded with products so always have a level of skepticism. But since Rob and Kim were the ones introducing the program and since we had already so much success with their prior coaching programs (Jet Set Body); while a little hesitant initially, were open minded to exploring more about the program and products. Sure glad we did :–)

5. What are three most important things you learned this year from this business?

The fortune is in the follow up, be positively persistent and committed. The end goal is to help your clients and that should be priority number 1.

IMG_17386. How has adding this nutrition program to your boot camp impacted your clients lives/results?

HUGELY. It started small, but continues to grow especially as others see more results. Its pretty amazing actually; like a snow ball gaining mass barreling down the mountain. Very blessed to have this solution and we operate now in a place of higher confidence since we have a complete package to offer our clients needing to lose fat, and get healthier. And we’ve made eating healthy easy!

7. What is the most important piece of advice you’d give another fitness professional thinking about this business?

Just be open to it. Try the products/program yourself especially if you don’t have something that is doing really well. And then start with a beta test of your clients ;–)

8. What was the key that unlocked your success?

High level coaching by Rob and Kim. Honestly, that’s #1, without it; we wouldn’t have been nearly as successful. And then being willing to be open minded and try different things.

9. What do you love about this business?

The ability to get clients better results. The feeling when a client drops 40lbs after “trying everything”; or a couples outlook and life improves exponentially is just a gratifying feeling. Fitness and nutrition changed our lives so feel called to give this gift to others! The Jet Set Life Team’s nutrition line gives us this ability to help which makes us feel great!

10. How can someone connect to you?

Bryce Henson on Facebook

—> Check out his boot camps in Mission Viejo, Yorba Linda or San Marcos (all in California).

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