JSL 027: How To Design YOUR Ultimate Lifestyle

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What do you REALLY want in your Life?

The typical answer is more money, right? But what does that mean? You want more money to DO WHAT?
This should be an easy answer to give, right. But often it isn’t an easy one. People struggle to know what they actually want because they usually just say what’s next on the “Should List”. Oh, I want a new car, a new home, a spouse, a baby now, etc… “Should List”.

So after you’ve Bought everything, what is YOUR wish list?

What’s on your list after you’ve made all the big purchases you want? You’re not buying a house everyday, a new car each week; what’s left on that WANT list. Is it like us, more freedom to travel. Is it more time to do charity work? Just spend more time with your kids? Whatever it may be, THAT’S what you truly want.

Since we love to travel, we needed a way to make money, an income, while not being tied down to an office or one location.

Three Strategies to figure out the Lifestyle of YOUR Dreams.


There are 3 categories to the Dreamline that you need to think about and plan for. You want to look at these and plan them over the next 6-18 months only. Don’t go any further than 18 months; that gets out too far to be able to plan well. So, the three categories are:

  • What to do want to BE
  • What do you want to DO
  • What do you want to HAVE


For each category, think about how you are going to be able to say “YES, I am (BE) this” or “Yes, I HAVE that”. Set that benchmark that will CLEARLY determine if you have reached your goal or not.
For Example: “In 12 months, I want to BE an author.” How will I know when I have accomplished this? “I have FINISHED my book,” or “I launched my book for sale.” This is whatever YOUR definition is of your BE, DO, or HAVE and you need to be clear about it.


Determine what the COST is for whatever you want to BE, DO, or HAVE. Is it a monthly cost, a flat upfront cost, or an overall cumulative cost.
For Example: “I want to have a Ferrari.” What are the costs of having a Ferrari? “Well, if I finance it, there is $1,500 a month payment, then the annual insurance is $8,000, there is maintenance, oil, gas, etc. too.” Total up all the costs and divide by 12 to find your TRUE monthly cost.

Usually you’re going to find that the cost of something is not as high as you originally thought. Read more about Tim Ferriss’s Dreamline Worksheet and Download an editable copy for free HERE

One Year Vision Story

Imagine you’re in an airport, and you haven’t seen an old friend for years, but you bump into them as your going to your gate. What is the typical small talk look like? “How have you been? What have you been up to?” Normally you will give a quick synopsis of your last year or so. What will your story look and sound like?

Write YOUR Story

In less than one page, write your 12 month story. What do you want to say when you run into an old friend next year? How will your story sound? Be descriptive here. Where are you living, is anyone else around like a spouse or kids, what have you accomplished, did you lose/gain weight, etc.

Describe YOUR Perfect DAY

Describe what your day will look like. Your perfect day that you could live over and over again. If you are “stuck” in YOUR perfect day, what does it look like? Similarly to your One Year Vision, you want to be even more descriptive here. What does your morning look like, what do you do, who are you with, what is your view, are there distinct smells like the ocean or pine trees, how to you feel, what do you eat, where are you, how does your day wrap up, etc. You want to be able to really feel this day when you read it. If it doesn’t make your insides light up, you either haven’t been descriptive enough OR that’s not really what you want your day to look like. Have fun with this and make it something you can live over and over!

A Helpful Tool

One tool that we absolutely LOVE and recommend you pick up is the Spark Notebook. (click here to check it out on Amazon) It is a great spot to keep you notes, goals, and big ideas in one beautiful location.

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