JSL 029: How to FUND Your Dreamline!

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The Dreamline

Last week we talked about Dreamlining your life. If you haven’t listened/watched that episode #027 we recommend you do so. Click Here to watch or listen to Episode 027 now! (This will open in a new window)

I’ve Created My Dreamline…So NOW What Do I Do?

You’ve got your dreamline all set, but now what? How do you FUND it? Typically, all the things on your dreamline have a monetary cost to them. So how do you come up with that money? Better yet, how do I AUTOMATE that money? Typically as an entrepreneur, you don’t have a regular paycheck coming in. If you work more of a typical 9-5 (which oddly enough are never just 9-5) you are used to a weekly or biweekly check. Personally, we feel that the 9-5 is starting to become a little archaic in matter. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t think having a job is necessarily a bad thing. We have just discovered that there are so many other better ways to earn an income without trading hours for dollars. One of those better ways that we love is an automated model called residual income.

Online Courses (not Horses)

One of the ways we have created an income online is our JetSet Body Online Course. We are big fans of online courses as a business model because of the incredible potential they have. As a business, you have a much bigger reach when you can do it online, and if you can teach/train/coach multiple people at once, that’s even better! One of the people who we love is David Siteman Garland because of his amazing online course Create Awesome Online Courses all about, you guessed it, Creating Online Courses!

But I am NOT an Expert, What do I do?”

Remember, you may not feel like you’re an expert. You may think because there are people who know more than you out there in your field that you can’t be an “expert” in it. Wrong. You are further along than many, and to them you are an expert. And keep in mind, you are the expert in how YOU DO IT. You don’t have to be the ultimate, top dog, “no one knows more than you” guru in order to be an expert in something.

How Do I Know What I am an Expert In?

If you’re struggling to figure out where your expertise is, try asking a friend. What do they come to you for and ask your advice in? THAT’S what you’re an expert in.

Some Resources

Chalene Johnson is fantastic. She has a couple Podcast shows that we love listening to. The specific episode that we are talking about in our show is titled How to Create a Killer Freemium from Video and Your Periscope. It talks a bit about how to come up with what you are an expert in and what to do from there. Click HERE to listen to it now!

Brendon Burchard also has a great book that we recommend called: The Millionaire Messenger.
It takes you from start to finish on how to start building your business.  It talks about being an expert and the different types of experts there are, along with how to turn your expertise into profit.  You can check it out on Amazon, HERE.

Tim Ferriss, like we’ve mentioned before, created the book and really the whole theory and movement called The Four Hour Workweek. Get it Here.

We have tried many different things and have found that different e-courses have really been the best, for US. We encourage you to try different things and find what works best for YOU.

If you’re interested in talking more about the specifics of what we do with our fitness and health company, we are more than happy to talk with you. Simply email us at HeyJetSet@gmail.com and tell us you heard our podcast and want more info on the health and wellness company we have.


So your homework over the next couple days is to brainstorm ideas for what you want to do for your passion. We implemented a thing called “Stupid Idea Time” where we can throw around any ideas without any worry of feeling dumb if it’s a “Stupid Idea.”

As always, if you have any questions or what to connect, feel free to email us at HeyJetSet@gmail.com.


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