Why Lewis Howe’s Summit of Greatness Was Our FAVORITE Event EVER!

Full Disclosure. We are serial learners. We love to grow. We love seminars. We love surrounding ourselves with incredible people. However, many seminars we attend, the host is ushered in and out of the back door, the guest speakers are whisked away immediately secret service style, the audience gives the obligatory “golf clap” at the end of the even the most inspiring presentation and the other attendees are just there to “get info”. This has become the norm for us, it’s what we’re used to. And, it’s what we expected with Lewis’s event too. But, this is NOT (and yes, I meant to capitalize that), this is NOT what our experience was at all. Lewis has redefined what a seminar SHOULD be like!


For starters, Lewis decided to go to his hometown of Columbus, OH for the event. At first we were like….what the heck are we going to do in Columbus? And why the f*ck is he doing it there???? And then….as the event unfolded….we got it. These two crazy jet setters 100% fell in love with Columbus. The restaurants, the nightlife, the coffee shops, the people….Columbus is incredible and all heart.


lewis-sophiaSo, how “accessible” was Lewis? Well. Lewis was everywhere. In the lobby, in the restaurants, at the parties and 100,000% accessible to everyone with a giant, lift you off the floor hug waiting for you and you felt the TRUE gratitude he had for each attendee. Not blowing smoke here, but Lewis is one incredible soul who was beyond authentic and transparent. There was no mask, there was no “stage persona”. What you see is what you get. And what you see is his heart. And as we know, things trickle down from the top. And this event was proof of that.


What seminar have you ever been to that started with a workout? As we know, exercise gets your blood pumping, endorphins flooding and gives you mental clarity. GENIUS! Kick off each day with a group workout and magic happens! These weren’t just any old workouts. Lewis had arranged workout sessions with top trainers such as Steve Weatherford and Marc Fitt. There was something for everyone, crossfit, running, dance and Pilates. Starting your day by moving your body was a game changer, allowed you to truly engage with fellow attendees and try something new physically. After workouts were complete and the showers were taken, the stage was lit and the speakers were ready to crush it.


the-theatreSo let’s talk speakers. At first, most of the speakers we didn’t know. And they ranged from a raw food vegan to a TV fashion personality to a Spoken Word Poet. We truly had no freaking clue what we were walking into, but we trusted Lewis and we trusted his choices in speakers. Lewis purposefully did not publish the agenda with speaking times, which I am grateful for as I most likely would’ve prejudged and missed some incredible knowledge bombs. Another thing Lewis did was created the most freakin’ INSANE introduction for each speaker, complete with live drum band escort to the stage, an Olympic-athlete quality video introduction and an audience that did their part to make each and every speaker feel welcome. This one tiny thing, massively shifted the energy in the room and was freaking genius! And since this event, we have been to another seminar and were like…”Where the f*@k is the badass intro?”….ahhhh….we never realized how horrible intros were. Now, we’re ruined forever! 😉

The general theme with the speakers was one of overcoming obstacles, such as eating disorders, illnesses, birth defects, ego and losing it all, only to go on an bust through your limiting beliefs and achieve greatness. This wasn’t a “tactical advice” type event. This was pure inspiration, igniting a fire in your belly to stop telling yourself the bullshit story of why you can’t go after your dreams and find your own greatness. Then after each speaker did there thing, they headed to the bookstore for meet n’ greets, photo ops and book signing.

Some of our favorites….


Fabio Viviani – New York Times Bestselling Author, Top Chef

“Heart and Hustle beat intelligence all day long.”  

The behind the scenes story of how Fabio became a multi-millionaire restaurant entrepreneur by 27, lost it all only to find himself. Fabio went on to Top Chef and became a NYT best selling author. Fabio lit up the stage with his authenticity and passion. He opened up about how his success was wild, but his life was empty. And how he regained not only his wealth, but his balance.

kyleKyle Maynard – Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Athlete

“Know your limits, but never stop trying to break them.”

Born with arms that end at the elbows and legs that end near the knees, Kyle’s parents raised him to not know he was different. Kyle went on to crush the shit out of his limitations as he played football, became a champion wrestler, set weight lifting records and was the first man to crawl on his own to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. For real right?


Matthew Hussey– Dating Coach, Human Dynamics Expert, Author

“Desire exists in the space between two people.”

New York Times best selling author goes beyond “dating advice” and dives deep in human dynamics. He schooled the audience on Confidence vs Competence. Matthew Hussey runs programs across the globe, helping thousands of men and women not only become a better “dater” but more so to provide the tools so they can reach their true potential.

Adam IN-Q – Spoken Word Poet

“How do you grow? You do stuff that you’re not good at.”

First of all, I never knew a poet could rock my world and my mind like this guy. Wow. Every word made you think. His message dug deep into your core and ponder the human experience. This was life changing in itself. In addition to being a word-freaking-slayer, Adam IN-Q was a TED Talk speaker, is a platinum winning songwriter and has worked with artists like Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez, but he has also sold-out the largest one-man poetry show in LA history.


party-picAnother thing that set this event apart was the nightly social events that got you out of your hotel room, mixing, mingling with not only the other attendees, but some of the incredible speakers. From the mixers to the all-night closing party where Lewis rented out a park, flew in an international DJ so we could unwind and celebrate the “Greatness”. What was beautiful was everyone was on the same playing field, no VIP area for speakers. Just straight up great music, flowing cocktails and pure fun.

No joke, at the closing party (which was freaking insane) the conga line included Lewis Howes himself, followed by NYT best selling author Katherine Woodward Thomas, then mixed in the crowd was self-made multimillionaire Ryan Blair along side motivational speaker Kyle Manard (on Lewis’s back) breaking it down and inspiring raw vegan chef Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. It was awesome. Truly awesome.


crewWhen we booked this event, it was just the two of us. That didn’t last long. As word got out about Lewis’s event, our party of two turned into a group of about a dozen beautiful souls all on this journey to greatness together. It was incredible to have great friends to download the day with over great food and wine, as well as bond with some incredible new souls.

We have already booked ourselves for the 2017 Summit of Greatness. We HIGHLY recommend this event to anyone that wants to up their “greatness” game and mastermind with incredible people all looking to take their life to the next level.


Incredible workouts? Check.
Judgement free zone? Check.
Badass Intros? Check.
Inspiring presentations? Check.
Speakers your can actually hang with? Check.
Incredible friendships made? Check.
Knowledge that will SHIFT your life into greatness? CHECK. CHECK. CHECK.

Get more info on how you can attend the 2017 Summit of Greatness Click Here.

Here’s a Highlight video so you can get a taste of the magic!


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