Life is about choices.

The view from Katikies Hotel in Santorini from Jet Set Life on Vimeo .

Life is about choices. My husband and I, we chose each other, we are soul-mates. We chose to get married in Italy , a place that has real meaning to us. It was so lovely that we chose to celebrate our anniversary each year in the Mediterranean. This year we chose the Greek Islands of Mykonos and Santorini. Today (July 21, 2008) happens to be our anniversary. My husband chose to make a magic moment for me. I was awakened with breakfast on the terrace of my hotel, Katikies , overlooking the caldera, a bunch of fresh flowers and a Santorini painting on a wooden door that my husband purchased (I had admired it the previous day) as a gift to celebrate our day. These were all choices, and life…it’s just about choices.

My fantastically brilliant husband always says that people have in life exactly what they need. For us, we have to have (not want) but have to have many weeks off a year to travel around the world . This is what we love and enjoy. However, often people look at us and list all the reasons why we’re able to follow this life and our passion but they are not. The truth is that we have found a way to overcome any obstacles including the emotional and financial as well as any mental blocks that we may perceive. Here’s how…

#1: Emotional Obstacles

“I can’t travel because I have a kid, dog, business, etc…” This is the most common excuse that is used and is an emotional obstacle. We have these obstacles also. For us, taking three weeks in Greece included leaving our daughter, business and Matlipoo puppy for three weeks. But we overcame these obstacles.

a. Our daughter went to camp. Which yes, is convenient for us but more so, the benefits to her overall growth and development as a human being are priceless.

b. Our office is left with an excellent team while we are away. We leave, don’t worry about it and put out any fires when we return.

c. Our little Maltipoo is cared for my great friends and/or an amazing cage free doggie-daycare facility. It’s good for the puppy to get to know other people, places and dogs. It’s called making them socialized:)

#2: Financial Obstacles

“I can’t travel because I don’t have the money.” This is also a common excuse that is used and is a financial obstacle. Let’s face it, people spend money on what they spend money on. I know some people who have very little expendable income but choose to gamble, or even buy luxurious items with every dime. There are also other people that choose to pay $4.00 for a cup of coffee every day, maybe even twice a day. Rob and I aren’t descendants of Johnson & Johnson and we don’t have a trust fund. We live below our means.

a. We don’t own or want to own a home (been there, done that) which means we rent a fantastic place and get to save the costs of home maintenance, new dishwashers and the pool boy.

b. We choose to deposit a set amount into a “Travel Savings Account”. Realize that $100 per week equals to $5,200 for your next trip next year. This account is used for our two most expensive trips of the year. We make travel a priority, not keeping up with the Jone’s.

#3: Mental Blocks

An example is my very favorite “I’ll make the money now so I can retire with $X million, then I will travel” This is called a deferred life plan. Traveling in retirement is amazing. Traveling anytime is amazing. But what people don’t realize is that the difference between traveling now or in retirement is HUGE! In life there are no guarantees. You’re wallet may be thick and your mind may be young and you’re body may be healthy. But what if you’re wallet is less than or your mind isn’t sharp or your body is unhealthy, then what you have waited (and worked) for all your life, is nothing more than a fantasy. For us, we want to live NOW. You only have today and you never know what the future will bring, good or bad.

a. We set our intentions together and decide what we want our life to look like. Then we go after it. Insert the Four Hour Work Week , The Secret etc… We have respective vision boards with our dreams, goals and desires. They remind us daily of what we are after. But without action, these goals would never get accomplished.

b. We use the saying “Why not me?” What does Donnie Duetsch have that you don’t?

Design your life, create memories and live in the present. I’m not saying it’s easy, I’m not saying you won’t encounter some bumps along the way. But in the end, isn’t following your true passion, living your life to the fullest and with inspiration worth it?

Just my two-cents.



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    Gerhard Kaiser
    July 22, 2008 at 8:59 am

    Hi Kim, that is it: design your life, create memories and live in the present.
    Gerhard Kaiser – Google me

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    July 22, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Quality post! Happy Anniversary!

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    July 23, 2008 at 3:03 am

    I already heard about the “Law Of Attraction” but didn’t knew “The Secret” till today. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! More of those “how to overcome obstacles” and “experience sharing” stuff please! 😉

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    December 2, 2008 at 12:33 pm

    I had read this blog post awhile ago and just re-visited your site today after seeing your Twitter post. This post stood out *again* so I’ve now bookmarked it and forwarded it to myself as a reminder when I start making excuses for not living the life I want. Thanks, Kimberly!


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