Rob Inspires By Truly Living His Passion

Do More of the Things You Love and Less of the Things You Don’t.

Those are the words that we live by. To us, Passion is numero uno. Passion in what we do, who we are, who we love….life is Passion! Isn’t your dream to wake up everyday, excited about your life? It’s definitely ours. Sure, there are plenty of things we MUST to do, that we don’t necessarily love….but those pale in comparison to the true joys and passions we have in our life.

So, when my hubby showed a true, honest and passionate interest in learning how to DJ a month before his 46th birthday, how could I be against it? Once his DJ-dreams were public Facebook knowledge, people began asking me how I felt about my husband becoming a 46 year old “club-kid”, and asking me if he was having a mid-life crisis. It makes me laugh because to me, him following his passion is NOT even close to a crisis! It’s living. And for him to take on such a new, fun and exciting challenge is inspiring! As his wife, it’s my job to support him, love him and be his biggest cheerleader in EVERYTHING he wants to do.
At first it was a dream to just understand how DJ’s create amazing music that moves people to a higher place. He really thought this would just be a hobby. For his birthday, I got him DJ equipment and he found a great local DJ to give him some lessons. At first, it was like having a little kid learning the violin, but as he practiced, I started realizing how truly natural this came to him.

He began getting some great feedback, we starting thinking this may be more than a hobby, maybe this is his life’s 2nd Act. It was time to get more serious, we built out a DJ studio in our closet, yes, the closet, funny I know, but if you saw how freakin’ huge this closet is you’d understand. Plus, it was easy to sound proof!

As he became more and more vocal in social media about his DJ-hobby turned obsession, people began begging for a Murgatroyd Mix. In mid-October, to move him along and prevent “paralysis of analysis”, I suggested a deadline for his first “mix” to be released. Something far enough out that he wasn’t rushed, but something close enough that it gave him a little bout of butterflies. We chose my Birthday (which is today, Jan 28, 2013). He has spent the last few months learning new mixing techniques, deciding on the perfect playlist and ultimately learning what his DJ style would be – it’s called Open Format. That basically means, he’ll play anything he wants from deep house and dirty beats to top 40 and classics.

You can check out my mixes on Soundcloud Here!


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    Rob Danforth
    April 23, 2013 at 9:16 am

    Perfect post about doing what you love. They say do what you love and the money will follow, right? I’m writing this while watching the view at my favorite Hialeah Hotel – it doesn’t get much better.

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