Lose Your Story: Using the Dickens Pattern with Tony Robbins at Date with Destiny

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There’s the flat tire and then there’s the STORY about the flat tire. Look, we all have our stories; there really just isn’t any way of getting around that. If we’re human and breathing, we have one. The question is how much does it get in the way of our life?

O.K. I’ll go first. “I’m just a short kid from Queens, from blue collar parents, so I’ll never amount to anything.” That was my story for years. The weird part about that was, I never realized that I thought about myself that way until I did an exercise called the Dickens Process at a recent Tony Robbins Date with Destiny seminar.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not looking to get all Freudian on you here. The truth, if I’m honest, is that the ‘story’ I was carrying around definitely affected how I filtered many decisions in my life. We all have our stories about why we can’t create the things we really want.  Most of those stories are total bullshit and should have been shot dead a long time ago, but, sadly are still driving us. Imagine trying to drive a car using your rear view mirror. Not so easy. Back to the Dickens Process.

The Dickens Process

While it’s really tough for me to describe this 5 hour process in a few paragraphs I’ll do my best:

The Dickens pattern is a fairly straight forward process. It’s a take off, a metaphor if you will, on the Charles Dickens story, A Christmas Carol. This part of this intense process is actually kind of fun. With your workbook in your hand, while listening to pounding rock concert thumping music in your chest, Tony guides you through a series of tough introspective questions.

These questions are designed to help discover a set of beliefs you may have around why you haven’t achieved what you want. Strangely, everything I had written down, during the first step of this process, completely rang true for me and was totally shocking all at the same time. The good news was simply having the awareness of these beliefs was really enough for me to begin making a shift.

But, If you know anything about this 7 foot tall Neanderthal they call Tony Robbins you know that he was not going to let me stop there. Charles Dickens was going to be reerected right before my eyes and have his way with my cerebellum if Tony  had anything to do with it.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Now comes the freaky, scary and honestly weird (but extraordinarily effective) part. Tony guides you through a much more difficult process of imagining what your life would be like if you continued on with these beliefs 5, 10 and even 15 years into the future. This is a heart pounding process, scored with intense music, that Tony again guides you through. Asking you questions like “What will having these beliefs do to your relationships with your spouse, children and friends 5, 10, 15 years in the future”? The goal being to feel all the pain that that brings you. “How has having these beliefs affected your body”? “What’s your health like because of these beliefs”? “Are you sick and broken down or full of life and alive because of these beliefs”? VERY intense and he will have you scared sh**-less about NOT changing.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

This next step is called the Ghost of Christmas Present. Ever wake up from a bad dream relieved that it didn’t really happen? That’s kind of what this part of the Dickens Process is like. You realize that it’s “Christmas morning” and none of these things have happened yet and that you have the opportunity to change everything. In Tony talk, this is the process of getting “leverage” on yourself. Which is what you need to create a lasting change.

The Ghost of Christmas Future

This is the best of all three parts of the the Dickens process. It’s basically the reverse of the first part. Where you get to go 5, 10, 15 years into the future with the old beliefs gone and visualizing what it would be like if you had these new beliefs instead. This part is a blast and very welcome emotionally.

Is this Hocus Pocus

Is this hocus pocus? I don’t know. Who cares. It worked! I’ll tell you this – I don’t feel like that short blue collar kid from Queens anymore (well maybe still short:-)

What Do You Think?

Have you been to Date with Destiny? Have you completed the Dickens Process (not everyone agrees to do it)? Love to hear you thoughts.

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    Paula Chrystello
    August 25, 2010 at 5:23 am

    hey Rob, you’re the first person I know who has written about how this Dickens Process has blown you away in Tony’s Date with Destiny, I agree totally with you, I have been fascinated by this since my first experience in 2008, will love to talk to you about it, please email me back, have so much to tell you. big hug, Paula

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