New Year, New Rules

With a new year on the horizon, I feel like we need some new rules around this goal-setting time of year!

Personally, I really despise the “New Year Resolution”. I just feel like you are setting yourself up to fail! Why? Because you’re setting goals that are most often unattainable, unmeasurable and you’re only doing it because the calendar told you to, not because you really want to.

Very often, we get so busy in making “resolutions” or “goals” that we forget to ever acknowledge our successes, and lessons learned throughout the year. It’s almost like we’re a child that is always asking for new, shiny things, but never saying thank you for the things that they do have. We need to learn to be truly grateful before we can ask for more in our life.

So, this year, take these next weeks and make a list of everything you accomplished this year. Include everything, from the smallest achievement to the greatest. Whether you took the steps to re-pair a relationship with a family member, finally got a new job, smiled more to strangers or cured cancer- take the win and write it down. If you can’t think of things, ask your closest friends and family what they saw bright in your life in the previous year.

Then on the same paper, create a list of no more than three goals for the upcoming year that are:

(1) Attainable
(2) Measurable
(3) Short-term (1 year or less)

Once you make your list of last year’s achievements and next years goals, keep it somewhere you’ll see it daily. Then, everyday practice gratitude by thanking your “higher power” whether it’s God, the Universe or whatever- for what you already have in your life AND thank them for the things that you hope to receive during the upcoming year.

Once you truly harness the power of gratitude, your life will change. Why? Not because you “wished it” to change – but because your focus will be on the positive things in your life and you’ll naturally work toward more increasing the positive things in your life. GRATITUDE is the fuel that you need to finally reach your wildest dreams.

Happy New Year! Make it BIG, make it SPECIAL, make it MAGIC!



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    dennis hooper
    December 19, 2011 at 3:48 pm

    Hey kim…i really enjoy your letters and videos…i know merg from high school and i guess he can ge a bit wordy ..but he means well.. keep the info comming..its great stuf and fun to read..

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