Online Biz Guru #1: David Siteman Garland

instudioIf an creating a location independent income through an online business is what you are after, look no further than our fav in the industry, David Siteman Garland.

David is one crazy cool cat, who has created an insanely successful and impressive portfolio of online businesses.He, in our opinion offers pound for pound the best in online business resources and courses. Seriously, we’ve watched him grow and develop this unbelievable brand over the last few years.

We first met David when he was hosting The Rise to the Top Podcast and of course, got to know him well when he did our 90 day Jet Set body Challenge! (And, yes he got a pretty bad-ass result! –>See his transformation story here)

Any-who…enough of the sappy stuff….let’s get to business…online business.

David has expanded his brand from his podcast and has become the guru of creating amazing freakin’ systems that you actually need! He seems to truly look at what his customers need to become successful and then creates it. Boom!

We’re not going to re-invent the wheel here. We want to show you exactly what David offers and how it can be used to help you develop your own online business.

Get Inspired.

Ever think, “I can’t do that! I know nothing about the internet or what would I even sell???”

Here are a few of his success stories….

How a former park ranger & teacher created and launched her first online course (that brought in over $50k!) with Nikki Elledge Brown

How Christopher Stafford launched his first online course and brought in $35,000 (and raving customers!)

and now….the biggest success story in Create Awesome Interviews history…..

The Most Successful 1st Course Launch In The History Of Create Awesome Online Courses: The $226,000 Case Study With Mark Dawson

The Tools.

What we love about David is he offers courses that literally walk you through everything, step by step. Literally. And he gives you every resource he knows, and holds back NOTHING.

Here are the courses that David currently offers (direct from David’s website…why put it into my own words when his are perfect…and usually pretty funny).

Create Awesome Online Courses: My #1 program to teach you how to create, promote & profit from your own online course used by over 500 of my students who have successful courses on every topic imaginable from Kindergarten teaching to snowboarding. Will you be next?

Create Awesome Webinars: This webinar training comes from over 2.5 years of obsessing over webinars to sell my online courses and programs (I’ll let you know more about that in the video) which led me down an (often bumpy) path from $0 in sales on webinars (and having no idea what I was doing) to over 2 million in sales via webinars (and having it down to an exact blueprint & science that I’ve taught to others who have been rockin’ it with webinars).

Course Cats: Finally, create your own beautiful course website on WordPress without needing a web developer, a graphic designer, a psychiatrist and a team of 1,000 nerds.

Create Awesome Interviews: The program that started it all! “The Rise To The Top” system for creating, promoting & profiting from online interviews.

# # # #

For more info on David and his programs, check out his blog here!

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