Are You Able To Jet Off To St. Tropez at a Moment’s Notice While The Whole Financial World is Crashing Around You?

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Are you able to jet off to St. Tropez at a moment’s notice while the whole financial world is crashing around you?  Try not to take that question quite that literally and see if you could look beyond what could be construed as an arrogance.   To ask it in a different way:  Have you created some kind of business that is set up for the sole purpose of fulfilling your dreams?

What’s Your “Jet Set Life”?

Everyone has a different version of what they would consider to be their dream life.  For Kim and I, it’s traveling around the world for weeks (months) at a time, creating guidebooks of the coolest spots on the planet and sharing with people.  For you, it might simply be to take a few more weeks off a year, maybe just spend a bit more time with your family or maybe it is to Jet Set off for months at a time around the world! Whatever it is for you, we have to acknowledge one cold hard truth, it takes money to do it.  Consistent and re-occurring moo-lah!

So Where Does The Money Come From?

So, where does the money come from and what kind of business do you create?  If you’re like most people you’re probably already up to your eyeballs in work (that you don’t really love).  The thought of adding one more thing to overwhelm you is not exciting.  What if I told you that there is a Secret Society of people who have figured out how to do what they love to do, have the entire business on auto-pilot and generate the cash they want every month to live their version of  a “Jet Set Life”?

Don’t Settle. Create The Life You Really Want!

Tony Robbins calls these guys the Masters of New Money.  Kim and I simply call it having Jet Set Money.  Whatever you call it, it doesn’t really matter.  What does matter is living the lifestyle design that you want and not settling for where you currently are.  O.k., so back to my original question.

Are you able to jet set off to St. Tropez at a moment’s notice?

If the answer is no and you wish it was yes, why do you think that is?  Don’t answer  just yet.  I want you to REALLY think about this.  A few things to consider:  Is it that you don’t know where to begin?  Is it that you “don’t have the time”?  Is it that you don’t believe it’s possible. Where are the “blocks” for you?  What is it really?  What’s the TRUTH!

Can We Talk?

Let’s get the conversation going.  Please let me know in the comment section below what your answers to the above questions are.  Let it rip! Tell me what you’re really thinking and let’s get the dialog going and shape your destiny NOW!

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    September 1, 2009 at 12:23 pm


    I am answering this as I look out my 44th floor hotel room in Chicago out on a beautiful blue Lake Michigan. I am working instead of playing.

    The answer to your original question is no, even though I make a solid six figure income I am shackled to my job/business. I want to keep the same income level (or more) while freeing up time to take vacations, spend more time with the kids, and “jet set” off with just my wife once and a while. The first block is in having the time to learn the new skill set and develop the knowledge base around internet based direct marketing, affiliate marketing, etc. The second block is also my own issue with having to over analyze things – paralysis of analysis. The third block, and probably connected to the first two, is that I am afraid to jump off the quasi-comfortable corporate ladder I have climbed on to a new one.

    You seem to quote Tony Robbins a lot and have gotten some value from his courses/work, so I just purchased Personal Power and Get The Edge to see if they can help me overcome these issues. Any specific suggestions around these? Any other suggestions?

    There you have it.



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    September 1, 2009 at 1:35 pm

    My biggest issue since reading 4HWW in 2007 is figuring out what I could sell – how do I find a product? All the rest I could do if I could only figure that out.

  • Reply
    September 1, 2009 at 11:37 pm

    Similar to Scott… I have had problem with the muse. I feel I would be capable of the marketing & selling of a product via my diligent research. However, I have no desire to re-sale products in a retail manner, but nor am I an inventor. I am leaning toward information based products, but dead end/drown in the possibilities. Also, I have, have had a few ideas with software & apps with Smartphones, but zero knowledge in producing such a product. How can you research an idea without getting it stolen?

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    September 2, 2009 at 2:32 pm


    Thanks for your great comments. Probably more to chew on here than I could fit in a comment box. But here goes….

    Hitting a couple of your bullets:

    Learning the new skill set- Yep, the learning curve is aways going to be a challenge but the upside to learning it could really transform your life. I learn best by modeling people who have done it.

    Paralysis of analysis- I take the “Ready. Fire. Aim. Approach”. You can always course correct later. At least the ball will be in motion.

    Comfort Zone- The WORST spot to be in is that “luke warm” comfort zone. Not bad enough to change but not good enough to feel great. When I get that way I hang out with people who have what I want in spades and it makes me hungry and get off my bum!.

    As far as Tony is concerned…. He’s amazing! I would start with Get The Edge then sign up for an Unlimited Power weekend then a Date with Destiny Week. You’ll thank me:)

    All The Best,

  • Reply
    September 2, 2009 at 2:35 pm


    Finding a product (for me) is all about finding out what your passionate about. If you save people time and money they will pay you for it. Grab a cup of coffee and sit down and think about what you are absolutely nuts about and know like the back of your hand. Brainstorm it will come.


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    September 2, 2009 at 2:40 pm


    If you have no desire to resell products well….. you shouldn’t 🙂 This is all about finding what makes you go WOW and building a community of loyal followers that you can share (sell) products to. Regarding APPS, I would ask you how inspired you are to sell apps. Just a few things to ponder.

    Stay well!

  • Reply
    September 5, 2009 at 3:19 pm

    Great point Rob. As both you and Tim Ferris said, it’s a question of time AND money. You need to have both. The money should come from a source that allows you the time and flexibility required to jet off at a moment’s notice to anywhere in the world.

    I recently sold my business and moved into investing/trading which allows this flexibility. I spend 6 months with a good work/life balance at ‘home’ and then the rest of the year is spent in different places around the world doing what you call the ‘jet set life’ or as Tim calls it ‘mini retirements’. Why wait till 65, right?


  • Reply
    September 5, 2009 at 10:12 pm

    Yes 🙂

    Applied 4HWW to an existing sucessful business and now I’m able to travel indefinitely. I can’t remember the last time I bought a ticket more than a few days in adance. I only buy first class, one-way to remain flexible. Woke up one rainy May morning in San Francisco and had planned to go on a hike. Decided the weather sucked, so 3 hours later I was on my way to the airport and ended up spending the next couple weeks in Maui.

    St Tropez sounds fun. Keep on following your dreams everyone 🙂

  • Reply
    September 8, 2009 at 9:21 am

    Hey, Rob.

    Thought-provoking question, as usual. Here’s my take as someone who recently ditched the six-figure corporate world (to live in PH and hang with your VAs) and could answer yes.

    It’s less of a question whether you are able to and more about whether you will. For all of the reasons and excuses as to why we can’t, there are probably many more reasons why we should. It’s about priorities. A life of fear, boredom and feeling trapped isn’t really living, is it? What’s the worst that can happen? Square one? So what? Certainly if you got to where you are, you can get back, right? I like Phil’s “I didn’t like the weather where I was at”, as well as your “ready, fire, aim” approach. Just do it!

    As for TR, Alan, I’m with Rob. I’ve been a fan since I first read Unlimited Power in 1989. GTE is a great place to start, and you’ll get hooked once you listen and work through it. Nothing beats Tony live, so if you get the chance do it. I have yet to do the Date with Destiny week (it’s a tougher pill to stomach than a fun run to St. Tropez- priorites, man, priorities…).

    Thanks , Rob. Keep the JSL greatness coming! Best to you and Kim,


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