The Gratitude Solution


We all have so much to be grateful for in our lives. All we really have to do is stop for a second and think about it. But, if you’re having trouble, here’s a great trick. Make a list of all the experiences that you’ve had– that you LOVE. The more you LOVE the experience-the better! I’ve compiled a list of my own to give you an example. Enjoy!

1. My first fitness competition.

2. My first time hang gliding in Rio.

3. Getting my first tattoo at 40 years old (at LA Ink).

4. My wife makes me laugh hysterically

5. I like to party until the sun comes up on the Greek Islands.

6. It’s not pretty when I’m hungover.

7. Getting sprayed with a big bottle of champagne in Spain.

8. Even with tango lessons in Buenos Aires I still can’t dance.

9. Singing Michael Jackson tunes in an ice bar.

10. Watching a sunset in Mykonos at a gay bar (with my wife).

11. Going to a secret closed door restaurant in Buenos Aires.

12. Taking a helicopter ride in Rio around the Christ the Redeemer statue.

13. Zip lining in Cabo.

14. Walking on a red rock beach in Santorini with my wife.

15. Celebrating Bastille day in France.

16. Going to a hamam in Marrakech.

17. Racing cars in Baja.

18. The first time I ever walked a model runway.

19. Partying at Nikki beach in the South of France.

20. Finding weird things when I travel.

21. Swimming in the blue Grotto in Capri.

22. The reason I would love to live in Southern California.

23. Learning lessons about simple pleasures in life from my friends in Europe (even if they don’t know I’m watching).

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    December 14, 2010 at 10:37 am


    Great list. I’m going through an awful time in my life right now, and looking back on all the great experiences I’ve had in the past (diving the great barrier reef, walking the great wall of china etc,) helps me get through the low points. Can’t wait to get back in action and add to my experiences list. Thanks for helping me remember to “remember”. Keep up the good work. P.S. I know you’re a Tim Ferris fan so get your Four Hour Body out today! (that’s not a promo. I’m just a fan too!. Thanks.


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