The New App that Will Change the World: Periscope

Ever want to watch the sunrise from the Great Wall in China? See what a fashion icon’s closet looks like? See a live feed from your next vacation destination? Watch the world cup LIVE from the first row? Maybe see what people are protesting about in the Middle East? Periscope will take you there.

Jet Set Life PeriscopeAt first, I was like…another freakin’ social media outlet to keep up with…do I really need that? Then, as I watched my first Periscope, the ideas came flooding in….we can quite literally, take you on vacation with us, you can watch the drag show LIVE from Mykonos next year! Not that a Mykonian sunset drag show should beat out protesters, or real news, but it sure will be fun! We can take you to the beach for a workout LIVE. We can cook with you LIVE. We can broadcast exactly what we want, when we want…LIVE! Live means no editing, which means less work for us, more content for you…but it also means no redos…so it’s a little scary, but also kinda freeing! And, with Rob…there will be LIVE Bloopers Galore! lol

I digress.

So.What do I love about Periscope? So glad you asked!

Here’s the TOP THREE things I love about Periscope so far.

1. You can’t outsource this. I know, when you are instagraming with Usher, you think it’s really him. And, it’s possible. But honestly, so many celebs, internet personalities “have people for that”. Chances are it’s not really Beyonce liking your tweet….although we like to believe it is.  But with Periscope, you just can’t outsource your gorgeous mug on the camera. You can’t hide behind beautiful edits and make yourself “look” anyway other than you actually look. It’s real. It’s raw. It’s unedited. It’s the people you want to see, and the content they want to share.

2. You get 24 Hours and Poof! This one is good and bad. Here’s how it works…you shoot your live video, people watch…then it goes into your “recent” category for people to watch after it’s ended. Then, 24 hours later…POOF…your videos are no longer accessible. Sucky because if you have a great one, it’s gone….not sucky because bad ones disappear and it encourages people to constantly keep creating content. This way it doesn’t turn into YouTube. You do have the option to download your video to your camera roll so you can keep it for posting on other social media outlets or where eves.

3. You can interact with your audience! On Periscope, when you are watching live, you can chat! The audience can say hi, tell you they can’t hear you, or ask you questions LIVE! It’s so awesome! Also, you can tap your screen to send hearts (the more you tap, the more hearts you send) letting the person that’s scoping you like what they’re delivering! Don’t be stingy with hearts! It’s fun to give and get them!

Bonus thing I love!!! We’re in Stage One. Periscope has just launched and most of the people with Periscope accounts, don’t actually shoot live videos, they’re more voyeurs. So, if you’re smart, you can build your tribe of like minded people that LOVE what you do and WANT to watch you LIVE before the market gets saturated.


What is the Jet Set Life Periscope going to be about???

Ha ha! Good question!

Right now, it’s going to be about life. Our life. Maybe one day it’ll be the magnificent sunset from our new pad in the sky. The next day maybe we’ll teach you how we start the day with thought provoking questions or clearing the cobwebs. Maybe we’ll teach quick easy, healthy recipes, new exercises or just take you on vacation with us. The scope is endless (<—see what I did there).

What we do know is we are more INSPIRED today than we have EVER been. We have HUGE goals for Jet Set Life – goals that involve truly impacting people’s lives beyond champagne spraying and vacations to cool destinations. We want to connect with our Jet Set Lifers and inspire you to create the life you’ve always dreamed of. We plan to take you along for the journey as we create ours. And Periscope seems like the perfect fit for our crazy, busy and fun lives.

See you on the Scope! Find us at @JetSetLife


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