The Secret to Success Is….

Everyone wants to know the secret to success. That special formula, that when you do X X and X you will instantly become a massive success. You get caught up in paralysis of analysis, reading book after book, listening to podcast, after podcast….hoping for that one golden nugget that’ll just change everything in your life and make all your dreams come true. I’m here to tell you, I know the secret. Are you ready?


Poof! Now, all your dreams will magically come true! IF….and only IF….you take ACTION. Continuous, non-stop, massive ACTION. That’s it kids. You’ve heard it before, “10,000 hours” or “experience is your best teacher” and now you just need to do it. I don’t care what the dream is…. want to write a book? finally lose weight? take you business to the next level? start a new business? go deeper into your relationship? What ever it is, the answer is the same…you want success, take ACTION.

Too many people try one thing, then if it doesn’t work they give up. If your son quit after he missed hitting a baseball the first time, what would you tell him? You’d say, “well, son, you’ve gotta practice.” or “practice makes perfect”. Experience is the best teacher.

Why does that strategy stop when you hit your adult life? Why are YOU allowed to give up on your dreams just because it didn’t shake out the first time?

Why do we do this? We are afraid to get uncomfortable. That’s it. As adults, we’ve slipped into our comfort zone, and we are petrified to take a step outside. But when you have big dreams and massive goals, stepping into the scary darkness is a requirement for success. We need to learn to “fail forward” and be okay, even excited when things get uncomfortable. Personally, when my stomach starts to churn, and I feel like a fish out of water, I know I’m on the edge of a breakthrough. I welcome it.

The reality is, you have to get mad enough to change. You have to hit the point where you say f-it, I’m not living like this anymore. I’m not going one more f’n day not living my dream life. That is where the magic is. That’s where you’ll stop the f’n waiting game and make shit happen in your life. THAT is when you’ll stop caring what others think and you’ll take MASSIVE ACTION. And guess what? That’s when you’ll begin to make progress toward your goal. Yes, you will fail. Yes, it’ll be scary, hard and sometimes painful. But just think of any great story or movie, the hero always has to overcome something major before they breakthrough to the success. The reason that resonates with you is because it’s real. That’s what life is all about. When shits great, you don’t grow! You need challenges to GROW into the person that creates the success.

So. Take the f’n next step already. TAKE ACTION. And don’t stop. Block out the haters. Ignore the ignorant and surround yourself with GO GIVERS that will support you, nudge you to be better and challenge you to GROW.

That’s it. ACTION.


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