Our Top 5 Mindset Must Reads for the Millennial Entrepreneur

GrowthYou’ve heard it a hundred times – if you’re not growing, you’re dying. Personal growth should never end. To continue to grow in all aspects of your life is one key to happiness.

Mindset is seriously everything. And there’s such great information right now that spans online business to finances to building relationships to the power of giving. The one thing all these books have in common is MINDSET! Shifting how you think, will shift your actions which will shift your results!!!

So here are our Top 5 books that all Millennial Entrepreneurs should read to expand their mindset, dream bigger, lead by example, create massive success and learn the importance of giving.


41CnX3uTZFL._SX315_BO1,204,203,200_The Secret of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how to bust through your limiting beliefs and weird issues that you probably didn’t even know you had with money and creating wealth.

Our take: We learned SOOOOO much from this book! Like why ” being comfortable” is the kiss of death and how to change our mindset around money. Is the whole “put your finger on your head and say I have a millionaire mind silly? Sure feels that way, but if you’re gonna do it, do it all. Can’t hurt!


51ZmQP2etQL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The Go Giver:  A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Burg and John David Mann

What you’ll learn: You’ll learn how providing massive value will lead to stratospheric success in this beautifully crafted story of Joe. See how he turns from a go-getter into a go-giver.

Our take: Give. Give. Give. Shifting your focus to what you can give instead of what you can get (in EVERY aspect of your life) is a freaking GAME CHANGER!!!!


Side Note: We loved it so much we asked Bob Burg to do our new podcast! Check out Episode 7!

index#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness by Gary Vaynerchuk

What you’ll learn: This is basically the social media, entrepreneur’s new age Bible! But no, really. If you are even thinking about playing in the online, social media, marketing world…..get this today.

Our take: We love Gary’s approach, no non-sense, no bull-shit, just give you the facts on this fast, ever changing world of online business.


517-Dn1lhtL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_The School of Greatness: A Real-World Guide to Living Bigger, Loving Deeper, and Leaving a Legacy by Lewis Howes

What you’ll learn: Lewis delivers with massive inspiration, action steps to help you overcoming obstacles on your path to true greatness. This is a true action plan to success.

Our take: We love the inspiration and the place of giving that this book comes from. It’s like being behind the scenes in the mind of a massively successful entrepreneur and literally learning how they think to succeed!

Side Note: So grateful that Lewis Howes dropped tons of nuggets on our podcast! Check out Episode 4!


81Qc3T3YIsLThe Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod

What you’ll learn: How to set up your day for massive success. Implementing these ideas will bring you clarity, calm and focus for your day.

Our take: This has truly changed our life, our focus and our business. It’s tough with family, life, kids, dogs etc… Sometimes you’re in a constant state of “reaction”. This book helps you remove the clutter and get going before your day really begins.

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