Turning Your Dream into a Reality: Our Story & Homework

Everything in our life changes the moment we make a REAL decision, COMMIT to it and take ACTION.

Often, people think things happen to them. That situations they are in are out of their control. That’s just not true. Life is about choices and about actions.

Remember the “Choose your Own Adventure” books from your childhood? That’s real life. If you make choice A, then these things will happen. And if you make choice B, then those things will happen.

YOU are the only one in control of your future. You can decide to sit in a pile of pity, complaining and blaming OR you can step up, lose the bullshit story and you can CHANGE what isn't working. Life is yours. Design it. ------------------------------------------ • Get our LIFESTYLE DESIGN tips at JetSetLife.tv •

Here’s an example. Rob and I have talked about our dream of moving to Southern California for 10 years. Literally 10 years. No joke. And just when we think we’ve mapped it out, there goes the dream for one reason or another. And we find ourselves saying “It’s not meant to be.” or “We’ll never move to Southern California.”. But in reality, 23 million other people have managed to find a way to live in Southern Cali. They made the….wait for it….CHOICE to live there. The only thing holding us back from our dream is our choices.

A year ago we unpacked our goal “Move to Southern California.” There are many layers and demands that actually surround that goal. For example, we want to be near a beach, see the ocean from our deck, have 2-3 bedrooms, in a good school district, in a walkable area, in a town that is nice but not too sleepy, but also not to overrun with tourists or crazy college kids. Oh and we’d like to be able to afford it and to travel so cost is also a factor.

Seriously. So…. our simple goal of “Move to Southern California” is way more complex than it seems on the surface. And those ‘needs’ that are underneath that goal, are the things that were preventing us from attaining it. The reality is we need the income to live in the place and the style that we want to in Southern California. And that means, our income must be independent of location. In other words, we need to be able to earn it from ANYWHERE.

So….how are we turning our dream into a reality? We are taking massive action.

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Last fall we were are one of those turning points in our life. We had just had a baby, we were spending countless hours revamping Jet Set Body, we, in all honesty, were in survival. We hadn’t been active with Jet Set Life for the past year; I can list excuses, but the truth is the motivation and time just wasn’t there. We were in a rut. We were bored and our goals weren’t any closer to being realized.

Then 3 things took place around the same time, almost like the Universe sending us a message that was undeniable.

  1. Rob gained 10 postpartum pounds of baby weight from my lack of time to make him 6 meals a day. (Ya know, I had baby shit to do. lol) I suggested Rob use some of the meal replacements that I had been using for the last 3 years. I knew it would help him cut cravings and it would help me not have to prep so many meals.
  2. 10628426_10207507271147400_2212701011005257120_nOur friends, fit couple Chris & Lori and our fitness mentor Cathy were posting pictures of themselves on a all expenses paid, luxury trip to Paris that they all won for building their business. I mean, first class air, private shopping a Louis Vuitton, and rent out the Hall of Mirrors for a private party kind of luxury. (the actual pic —>)
  3. We were going through Jet Set Body survey responses and noticing a common theme. Our Jet Set Body alumni found that food prep was overwhelming after the 90 day period and hard to maintain long term. (And now that I had a baby to deal with, I could totally commiserate on that one.)

Although these three things seems like they have NOTHING to do with each other. Ironically, one CHOICE that we would make a few weeks later based on these three events, would impact everything in our life and bring us closer to FINALLY achieving our goal.

On November 11, 2014 to be exact, we decided to get off the hamster wheel of our current life. We decided that if we wanted to actually turn our California Dream into a reality, we needed to make a BIG change. We decided to jump into business with our friends (pictured above) and join forces with a powerhouse company that puts people first. A company that combines our passions for helping others achieve goals, health/fitness, travel and earning a location independent income.

IMG_7894The ironic thing is, we joined this company with our main focus to provide a real solution for our Jet Set Bodiers meal prep issues. And, yes, we definitely have crushed that goal. But what we didn’t expect was for one year later, to have a team of more than 1,200 people, made up of Jet Set Body peeps, but mostly best friends, high school/college friends, friends of friends and internet buddies. To think of the number of lives that have changed from this one little choice we made in November 2014, is just so inspiring.

Yes, at first, we were VERY hesitant. In fact, about 6 weeks into this biz, we went to what we thought was going to be a convention of weirdos, but it wasn’t. It truly reminded us of a Tony Robbins seminar. It gave us tools, motivation and most importantly purpose. The deeper we get into this business, the more we love it.

Since joining this awesome team….

  • We are creating incredible transformations with our Jet Set Body Nutrition Elite peeps that address their need for convenient food that helps them reach their goals and is a LONG TERM fix .
  • Rob has lost the 10lbs he gained…plus some. And it was so easy, he jumped into a last minute fitness show. You can see his transformation and read his story here.
  • We have traveled to Palm Springs, the Bahamas and San Diego with our team this year and have some crazy cool trips on the schedule for next year too!
  • We created a 6 figure income for ourselves, in just 6 months by helping people achieve THEIR goals.
  • We have learned so much about ourselves. This is like a personal development course that you get paid to take. Seriously.
  • We now have time, motivation and love to pour our knowledge back into our Jet Set Life family!
  • We absolutely love our new circle of friends. It’s brought us closer to our best friends and allowed us to connect with truly inspiring people on such a deep and meaningful level.

The business model is perfect for our lifestyle, our needs, our goals and the travel is a bonus! We now have the ability to create an unlimited location independent income and it falls in line with our passion for fitness and health.

So over the next year, our new goal is to replace our current income, sell our brick and mortar business, bring Jet Set Life to a new level and finally move to freakin’ Southern California (meeting all or most of our crazy needs).

So there is our story….

Your Homework

Step 1: Get a piece of paper and write down your goal.

Step 2: Keep asking yourself “Why do I want to achieve that?” “What will it give me?” Write those answers down and keep asking those questions and writing the answers. Keep that going until your page is full.

Step 3: Take action. If you want a different result, try doing something different! We call our brainstorming sessions “Stupid Idea Time” – it allows us the freedom to think outside the box.

#  #  #  #

People over the years people have asked us for solutions to create their dream life. That’s actually how we created Jet Set Money. In the past it has always been about online business. But now we have a solution to offer our Jet Set Lifers that don’t want or have the time to create an online business.

The most common comment we get is “Yeah, but you guys have a list and a website. I can’t do what you’re doing.” WRONG!

Over the last year we have helped our closest friends and their friends create additional income streams that range from a couple hundred dollars to $6,000 per month. They don’t lists. They are not celebrities. Just Moms, Dads, business professionals with a huge WHY, like wanting to stay home with their kids, get out of office jobs, retire or simply create more disposable income to travel.

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