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EP 13 Interview with our Jet Set Life Team Rockstars in the Bahamas

jsl team

Discussed in this episode:

  • Why we chose to enter the world of Network Marketing 18 months ago
  • What makes the company we chose to work with the best
  • Why you absolutely MUST love the product line before you even think about building a biz
  • Why and how a nurse and mom of 4 has build an almost 6 figure business and has retired at 37
  • Why and how a very successful fitness boot camp owner chose to implement this into his business and has now built a six-figure “additional stream of income”
  • Why and how a very successful fitness competition coach chose to implement this into her business and is now earning a million dollars per year

Links from this episode:

How you can join our team or get more info: www.JetSetLifeTeam.com

More at http://www.JetSetLife.tv

Email Rob & Kim: heyjeyset@gmail.com

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