The Brazilian Trifecta- A guys perspective from Rio (This ones for my boys only)

Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, let’s be honest here, there really is something, umm, unique about our South American female friends.  Brazil has had some rather interesting ‘exports’ of interest.  Many of these exports have benefitted us men immensely.  I introduce to you what I call ‘The Brazilian Trifecta’. The Brazilian Bikini, the Brazilian Wax and the Brazilian Butt. 

I just got back from the beaches of Rio and quite honestly it’s hard not to notice how the women value a very distinct kind of sensuality there.  Not the slutty, bleached, blond bimbo variety that we have come to know and love here in the States.  But, rather the, ‘I own this sh*t and I’m going to torture you with it’ kind. Let’s explore the first of the above three trifecta.  The Brazillian Bikini.  Feared by many women around the world and endorsed by all males, who, well…breathe.

The Brazilian Bikini: Here’s the rub on this one (that was an unintentional pun) Brazilians wouldn’t dream of going topless, conversely, women would consider it in the States (and often do in places like South Beach).  Brazilians wouldn’t think of wearing a full bikini bottom, but it’s our ladies’ bikini of choice in the States (Brazilians find it just too ‘granny panties’ for their taste).  Many in the States see the ‘Brazilian cut’ and scream ‘slutty thong’.  So who’s right?  I think the short answer is-they just work what they got!  And what they got-is a crazy Brazilian butt!  Which leads me to number two in my Trifecta.
The Brazilian Butt: What they heck is this thing anyway?  You can spot it from space without using the hubble telescope.  I think Justin Timberlake said it best “she looks like a model except she has a little more a**”.  It’s like two perfect, well shaped legs with this perfect thing on top.  Hard to describe, but you know it when you see it.  Women know it all too well.  In fact, women are so aware of it that butt implants are now in the top 5 of the most performed female plastic surgeries.  Google “butt implants”, I dare you, your computer will blow up.  This leads me to the third and final area in my trifecta-The Brazillian Wax.

Brazilian Wax: Without the Brazilian wax, the Brazilian bikini would be impossible!  Every now and again the gods shine down on men for no good reason at all and throw us a bone.  The Brazilian wax is just that bone.  Since necessity is the mother of invention, it makes perfect sense that when a girl wears a bikini that almost disappears, unless she wants to look like Chewbacca she needs to take care of her business down there.  Men, listen closely, their down side is our upside!  The possibilities here are limitless! Trust me here-I got your back.
I say long live Brazil and thank Christ the Redeemer for their little contribution to my already amazing life. :)
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  1. macorocks says:

    I read Kim’s tweet about how much heat you guys are getting over this blog post, and if the rest of us considered it too controversial.

    I guess the only thing I’d question is the little contribution sentence at the end, given that Brazilians have made a ton of contributions aside from the Brazilian Trifecta.

    Otherwise, I am SO not offended by this post (and I’m a chick.) And personally, I prefer to look at any of the Brazilian Trifecta elements than the bleach-blonde bimbo USA counterpart. Although I admit that if I had the body, I still may not wear a thong in public, nor would I go topless…but that is just a matter of preference. I guess I am little more granny and prude than other South American women (I grew up in Venezuela.)

    Still, I think this post was an expression of a dude’s perspective and awe of the Brazilian Trifecta and frankly, if a dude is incapable of appreciating a hot Brazilian butt, and talking about it, then what the heck is freedom of expression for?

    For those that gave you heat about this post, they are probably just jealous that they don’t have such gorgeous asses. And in my opinion, there isn’t any language in this post that would offend even my grandma (although she may have an issue about the photo itself ;-) I’d even go as far to say that even though the photo may be vulgar to some, the way Rob talks about the “elements” is in my opinion, quit tasteful :-)

    I don’t think your post is that controversial and frankly, that is such a hot photo, it makes me want to keep my new years resolution of doing more yoga and eating less crap :-D

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  2. Hey Rob, big congrats on the Jet Set lifestyle you got going here. I’ve been a pretty avid follower of Ferriss’ blog as well and just stumbled across yours in the comment section. I just moved back to the states, San Diego after living a year in Buenos Aires. South America is absolutely incredible and radiates a lot of positive energy, especially in Brasil. Rio is great, try Florianopolis next time you’re there, a great little island with 42 beaches and plenty of the trifecta as well. Glad you enjoyed the South American ‘vibras’. I’ll look to follow your blogging as well, does living the jet set life vicariously count? Haha, I hope to join your lifestyle in the next five years. Take care and buen viaje!

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  3. Rob says:

    Hey All,

    This has been one of my most talked about posts for sure! Thanks for all the great input.

    Thanks @macorocks for your kind (well written BTW) words and good luck on the yoga in 09!

    Thanks @ Robin for Florianopolis. It is on our radar for sure and I hope we can meet up on one of our next Jet Set destinations soon.

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  4. klomo says:

    Could not have written a better post myself!

    There is something about the sexuality of Brazilian women that I can’t quite put my finger on. Granted, there are plenty of beautiful women the world round, but Brazilian women seem to exude it in a more natural way. And its not just the bodies, although in most cases they are exceptional, its the clothes, the walk, and the expressive way they communicate.

    Having dated a Brazilian women myself and being born and bred in the good ole USA. I have noticed that the Brazilian concentration on one’s body veers toward obsessive, even more so than the workout obsessed culture in the US. Believe it or not, they just workout alot more.

    That being said, I love my American women warts and all. American girls do the casual/cute/sexy/everyday look better than anywhere else.

    And for those who think the above picture post is in anyway vulgar-it is both a dime a dozen and an everyday occurrence at the beaches in Brazil.

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  5. If the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, then the Brazilian women can take pride in themselves for having spawned a legion of followers around the world.

    Maybe not the butt so much (genetics has a fair bit to do with this), but the bikini and wax are omnipresent throughout many parts of the world. For this we can be thankful.

    Here in Perth, Australia, there are a great many young Brazilians studying to improve their English. They take jobs in bars and restaurants to help get them by, and can often be found prowling the floors of local salsa clubs.

    As you, Rob, and klomo point out, the women percolate great confidence and sexuality. Their sassiness and brazen femininity reduce this man (and many others) to perspiring fools.

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  7. nicole says:

    I was googling butt exercises lol and I saw this and was wondering what a brazilian butt is :) so I clicked and learned that brazilian women have nice butts supposedly.. but i think they are just in shape because the lifestyle in brazil is healthier than here in the US where we get fat because all we do is sit at computers and eat fast food… my butt is amazing and im white as can be.. in fact it looks lot liek this pic- and i wax it all, all the time since its cleaner and more comfortable… i think if american girls or any other girls exercised more and ate less youd see that americans have nice butts too :) i know mine gets a lot of attention. i would never go on the beach in a thong though thats just unclassy. funny post though

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  8. Ana says:

    I was searching on Google “brazil” and found your post…
    I’ve been on Brazil last year, on “Carnaval”, and God, that’s so amazing. That land must have God’s hands on it! Such beautiful beaches, and gently people! Oh, the people treat us so well and they’re always so smiling and happy… And, yes, the brazilian women are the prettiest thing in Brazi, for sure!! They have a darker skintone that is very sexy, are always dancing or smiling by the sunlight, and their butts are UNIQUE. Don’t know how to explain, being a woman too, but made me jealousy… Well, after all these great stuff i sad, still have other great things! The food, the hot weather and the simplicity of everything beauty.. Ohh i just loved Brazil. Their culture made me see life with better eyes!! I’m glad to have been there :)
    PS: Te bikinis are small, yes.. but it’s quite normal there! They have that amazing body, and the way to show that is in really small bottoms.. Like here in US, our way to show what we got (boobs…) is in neckline shirts! Looks “slutty” for us, but they see that everyday in the beaches! Respect other ways to see it

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