Make Room For the New Jet Set in St Tropez This Summer

Jet Set Life St Tropez

Jet Set Life St Tropez

St. Tropez has historically been the summer playground of the old monied Jet Set.  Not any longer.  The New Jet Set have arrived.  The difference between the two classes of Jet Setters on the surface may seem indistinguishable, but make no mistake they are very different.  One is concerned with making a bunch of cash and the other is concerned with creating an income that is automated, scalable and location independent.  Guess which one I’m after?

The Old Jet Set

The old Jet Set model has been primarily based around amassing a bunch of cash either through inheritence or a lifetime of hard work. Good old hard work and savings will produce cash, yes, but it has its price.  This deferred living model is flawed for many reasons.  The most evident of which is the state of our current economic crisis.  Fortunes are being lost over night and in many cases won’t ever be realized again.  Now, compare that to how the New Jet Set have things set up.

The New Jet Set

The New Jet Set (taking a hat tip from Tim Ferriss) has redefined Jet Set anew “A subculture of people who choose to live their life now, instead of deferring their dreams to later in life.  They have learned to leverage technology to create income, time and freedom……”. That’s it.  Right there.  ”They learned to leverage technology to create income, time and freedom.”

Leverage Technology and Create Income, Time and Freedom

We are in a new world.  We have CNN and Ashton Kutcher fighting it out for the top spot on Twitter.  Newspaper companies dropping like flys and grandma’s turning to Facebook to connect with their peeps.  We can’t look to the future using a rear view mirror any longer. Things are changed forever.  The information age isn’t coming – it’s here.  It’s time to leverage that technology, harness it and bend it to our favor.  The old model is d-e-a-d. Here’s something to consider.  Last night Kim and I were watching a 60 minutes report about the 401k collapse.  So many sad stories about peoples life savings gone, or almost gone, in the span of just a few short years.  Kim pointed out (brilliantly) that if all those nice folks had spent equal time in creating their muses as they did funding their 401k’s they would have a monthly income to access now.  No judgement here.  I really feel horrible for these families.  I’m not sayin’ I’m just sayin’.  What we’re really talking about is not focusing on the big pile of cash at the end of the rainbow, the defered life plan, but rather income now and savings second.  In NO way am I saying don’t save.  That’s stupid.  I’m saying work on creating income that is scalable, automatable and location independent FIRST!

Two Ways to Get to the Same Beach

Let’s get back to where I’m most comfortable.  The beach.  The same sexy beaches of the French Rivera will have two different people on it.  The ones who have stepped into this wonderful new world of leveragable, scalable, technology driven income and those who haven’t figured it out.  Save yourself the headache and the drama and get to work on figuring out how to create this for yourself.

Wanna Hang With Us in St. Tropez?

If you haven’t had the pleasure of kickin’ it with the best of them in St. Tropez – you owe it to yourself to check it out.  It is a surreal party that showcases living life like you have never seen.  Kim and I will be in St. Tropez for the month of July partying while our muses are ticking away generating income for champagne (and yes, to max out our retirement accounts as well – we do both)!

If you want your own muse and don’t know where to begin I have one recommendation that will take you from A-Z here.  This is absolutely the cutting edge in muse development.  This is NOT a crash course.  It’s definitely work to complete all 11 lessons, but well worth it.  If you’re even thinking about it you owe it to yourself to check it out.

If you already have your muse in place and will be in St. Tropez over the summer send us a Tweet here.  Try not to loose your shirt in these crazy economic times unless of course you’re in St. Tropez – then that would be a good thing :)

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