Defining the New Jet Set

I’ve been asked to define the New Jet Set. So here’s goes:

The new jet set is subculture of people who choose to live their life now, instead of deferring their dreams to later in life. They have learned to leverage technology to create income, time and freedom so they can regularly travel from one stylish or exotic place to another for pleasure. No jet required.

The credit for that ethos goes to Tim Ferriss of the Four Hour Work Week. The new jet set part is mine.

So, what’s that really mean? I get to travel all over the world with my girl and party with the best of em’.

I realized a common thread as I travelled to jet set destinations around the globe. Everyone I met (with their champagne glass in hand), had some kind of muse that was paying for their lifestyle while they were quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) traveling from one hot spot to another. Not 365 days a year… but a lot.

In the words of Donnie Deutsch (who by the way I just found out is running for mayor of new york) Why not ME?

The one question I get asked all the time is ” dude (that really is how it starts) how do you take 12 weeks off per year”. My answer is always the same. I made a decision to. The word decide in it’s latin root comes from the word incision. Which means to cut. I simply decided to cut off from all other options.

I got real clear about the life style I wanted. I used Tim Ferriss dream-lining process and mapped out the exact number of weeks I wanted to travel.

I kind of worked the equation backwards. How much time off per year do I want? How much per month do I need to make? How do I create a hands of business to pay for it (a muse)?

That’s where this blog comes in. I created this blog for people who WANT to be part of the new jet set community and NOT for those who want to talk about all the reasons why they can’t be (I’ll have a cocktail with them in Mykonos in a few weeks at the Belvedere Hotel pool). For now let’s leave this community for the people that want to make it happen.



2 Responses to Defining the New Jet Set

  1. Darren says:

    LOVE IT. I have devoured Tim Ferriss’s Four Hour Workweek and have committed to abandoning the Deferred Life plan and sounds like this site will help me keep on track. I AM Jet Set!

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  2. tacogirl says:

    Loved that post – very inspiring. Big Donnie Deutsch fan.

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