Chillin in St. Tropez: A Typical Sunny, Sandy and Seductive Jet Set Day

Whenever I spin my Jet Set Globe, it always seems to stop at St. Tropez in the summer. It’s hard to help. It’s just such a cool spot. Here’s a snip of the St. Tropez video I’m working on for Jet Set Life.

There really is no “typical day” in St. Tropez (I just wanted to get your attention). But, here’s kind of how what we do it.

Morning: (let’s make that afternoon….there are a lot of late nights).

Usually begins with a walk down to the port to stop for coffee, croissants and people watching at Senequar (it’s the one with the red awning). All the chairs face out towards the ocean, the people and the mega yachts. Newspaper in one hand and a perfect cup of espresso in the other. Taking in the sounds of the port preparing to start another day. I think of it as “French Light”. All of the things you love about the French and none of the things you don’t.

Afternoon: There are a few different ways to spend the afternoon.

If we need a recovery day from the night before. We’ll usually spend it chillin’ at the hotel pool, working on our tan to a respectable “I just flew in from Jupiter glow”. This time around we stayed at the Kube hotel. Totally hip pool scene. Think lounge music, hot people and Mojitos overlooking the Mediterranean. We’ll usually polish off a bottle of Rose and have a great lunch while the music slowly picks up, until it hits it’s peak at around 5-ish.

If we want to save a couple of bucks (and believe me you will, too) we’ll sneak in to town and grab an amazing sandwich at the boullangerie. It’s where the locals go to grab great food at great prices. Think ham like you’ve never had before with fresh brie and a dressing that will make your eyeballs pop out.

If we’re ready to party we’ll set up camp at Nikki Beach. Nikki Beach is the opening scene in the video above. Imagine great house music, cool people with NO inhibitions. Nikki is all about a party. We actually had lunch next to Ivana Trump in a weird pink cowboy hat (which unfortunately will forever be imprinted in my cerebellum). You’ll see everything from people walking around with an army of body guards to Eastern European escorts trying to keep their man entertained. There are definitely a lot of the wanna-be famous crowd, but overall, if it’s a party you are after, it’s a party that you’ll get. It’s a crazy spot, but a fun kind of crazy.

Then it’s time for a disco nap. If you want to have a solid part II to your day– you MUST rest– or you will be yawning with the tourists at 9.m.

Pre Dinner Drinks:

There are some very cool spots that Kim and I hit before heading to dinner to sip champagne, gossip about the day and start working into our night groove. Think super chill lounge music, white outfits, perfectly baked tans and an air of positive expectancy of what the night is getting ready to bring.


Full disclosure – I usually spend about three months planning this one out, so it’s tough to wrap this in a bow. Dinner ranges from a sexy club scene with amazing food, to a restaurant with sand on the floor (that you’re not getting in unless you know someone), to a restaurant that hosts a fashion show while you’re eating (with crazy hot French models), to a hidden back alley (and I do mean back alley) brasserrie that only the locals know about. You really have to be dialed in to what’s hot in the restaurant scene or you’ll be throwing away ridiculous money at tourists traps.

Pre- Drinks:

Dinner will usually end at around midnight and clubs don’t really get going till around two am. That’s where “Pre-Drinks” come in. We’ll do pre-drinks at anything from an ice-bar to a sexy outdoor bar on the port. Unless you have your own Yacht, pre-stocked with hot girls, then none of this matters…


Then it’s off to play with the big kids and get into some serious trouble. Imagine an international scene of very rich people wanting to party their a** off. Money is no object. The number one place to party – no bout adout it – is Cave du Roy, at at the Byblos hotel. Stupid expensive, as is most of St. Tropez. Think 50 bucks a Martini. But, I promise it’s totally worth the price of admission. Here’s a video we shot sneaking a camera in to Cave du Roy:

Crawl Home:

If your still walking, there’s nothing like winding your way back to your hotel navigating your way through the seductive alleys of the old town. Watch the dulled heels of the Manolo stilettos trying to find there way home.

St. Tropez is a scene like no other. Very expensive, very seductive but very worth it.

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