The Jet Set Guide

We know that there is nothing worse than opening up a 200 page guidebook and trying

to figure out what the hot spots are based on some random review or star rating system! Who has time for that? Why don’t you just ask the hotel concierge, you may ask? How do you know they’re not getting kickbacks or sending you to some high-brow pretentious spot you’d hate? This is exactly why we made The Jet Set Guide

If you dig us and our travel style, you’ll love where we send you!

The Jet Set Guide is a collection of our personally vetted picks in the hottest destinations in the world. It’s the same list that we’d give our best friends and family, and the same list that we use ourselves!

We’ve made the list simple! The Secret List is a downloadable PDF that is designed to only give you the right recommendations of where to stay, eat, shop and play. Ours can be downloaded to your computer, iPhone or just print it out!

Now, with just one click, you are in the know around the world!




See what others are saying......
"My wife and I just returned from Greece and you were dead on with all of your recommendations!!!!! Thanks!!!!!"

- Andrew and Stefanie
"Great Punta del Este eGuide! Totally great spots in Punta del Este. Wouldn't have been able to find them without it!"

- Matt and Anna
"Thanks for the tips on Mykonos. We loved Nammos so much that we went 4 days straight and ended up extending our stay on the island."

- Alex and Melani
"Loved your tips on Marbella. Marbella is the best and we had so much fun. Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!!"

- Sam

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