Holy Sh*t! Delicious Recipes to Keep You Fit!

My name is Kimberly and I’m one of those crazy health nuts, a workout freak and national fitness competitor. I also love to cook. And, as a sick twist of reality… the only thing that I love more than cooking is eating. Often these identities don’t mesh well. It’s almost a David & Goliath thing. Thankfully, over the past few years I have meshed my love for cooking and eating, with my love for living a healthy lifestyle. The result was amazing, healthy, delicious recipes that’ll keep you fitting into those high-school skinny jeans and living a long, healthy life!

Why my cook book? There are more “healthy cook books” in the world – than actual people who want to cook healthy. For me, the problem was either calling the recipes “healthy” was a gross exaggeration of the term, or the food tasted like decorated Styrofoam. Many of my recipes are inspired by not-so-healthy recipes from great chefs. Of course I have plenty of salads, veggies and those things you’d expect. But I also offer recipes foods like, chicken parmesan, gnocchi and freakin’ awesome burgers. I’ve used the frame work from existing recipes, and through many attempts, experiments substitutions and modifications, I’ve come up with my own healthy recipes!

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Now, let me explain my definition of healthy. Healthy for me means using actual fresh, almost exclusively all natural ingredients. However, it does not mean just eating bland chicken and steamed broccoli. I’ve traveled all over the world, from France, Greece and Italy to Argentina and Brazil. I’ve spoken with locals and chefs about how their cultures stay so thin when they’re surrounded by rich foods. The answer is always the same.

#1: They insist on using fresh, in season ingredients. This means your menu should change with the seasons.
#2: They serve in proper portion sizes. I don’t think I’ve actually ever seen the words “Super Size” or “King Size” abroad, unless it’s in an American chain restaurant.

I like to eat as close to natural as possible. I love to make homemade pastas and breads instead of using boxed products, but I understand that we live in a world of convenience. Of course, I’m not perfect and every now and then I succumb to convenience myself, so I try to find the healthiest, processed foods I can. In addition, if I do used something processed when cooking, I also try to incorporate extra, healthy natural ingredients too.

This brings me to my next subject which is the goal of not relying on sugar-free, fat-free everything. FYI- when they take out the sugar it’s usually replaced with fat, and if they take out the fat, it’s replaced with sodium or sugar! Sometimes, they replace fat and sugar with ingredients that you can’t even make a picture of in your head, let alone pronounce! In my recipes, I use as little non-natural products as possible. I try to use things like Agave or honey to add sweetness. However, you will see that many recipes offer a modification for SF (sugar free) using Truvia or FF (fat free) for those who have restrictive dietary needs in those areas, such as diabetics.

Lastly, I have two goals with this cookbook:

Goal #1: I want you to learn that eating healthy doesn’t have to take hours upon hours to prepare. I’m a busy chick and I don’t have time to spend endless hours over the stove, so I’ve tried to make each recipe as short and simple as possible.

Goal #2: I want to teach you that healthy food doesn’t have to taste like cardboard. Each of my recipes has gone through what I like to call Rob’s ‘Holy Sh*t’ test. Rob is my husband. He hates vegetables of any kind, has sampled some of the best cuisine the world has to offer and is absolutely a picky eater. So, if a recipe is in this book, it’s because after one bite Rob said, “Holy, Sh*t, you’ve gotta add this to your book.”. And…now you know where we got the title from!

Just a little side note. I included as many pictures as I could. These are my own photos that I took after making the recipe myself and not that of a high-priced photographer or food artist. Nothing fancy- just some pics, so don’t judge me :-) Hope you enjoy!

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