Rob & Kim’s Workout Bag

Rob & Kim's Workout Bag Luxx Live Well 360It’s no shock that we love to workout and we love to travel! So when the cool peeps at Live Well 360 contacted us about testing driving their very versatile Luxx bag, we were in!

This bag has been everywhere with us, to other US states, overseas, on location for photo shoots and getting dirty in the gym!

All it took was one trip with our his and her Luxx bags and we wanted to make it the official bag of Jet Set Life!


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How I Put Luxx to the Test

Our first trip with my Luxx was to South Beach for our fitness competition. As I ONLY carry-on, the rule is – if it doesn’t fit, it doesn’t come! This trip definitely put my Luxx to the test because:

  1. It needed it to fit under the seat in the plane as this is my “personal item”.
  2. I have to fit inside the a cooler bag with 10lbs of cooked lean mini-burgers, veggies, my purse, wallet, 1 lb of protein powder and other miscellaneous items.
  3. It couldn’t look “too big” as had to get it by the ever carry-on crazy Delta agent!

The verdict? Luxx easily got by the delta agent and fit under the seat in front of me – fully-freakin’ packed out!

Traveling in Luxx-ury

Luxx is always by my side, everywhere I go. Here’s why!

At the Gym:

  • End pocket that hold my 24 ounce water perfectly!
  • Side straps that hold my yoga mat!
  • Ventilated stinky shoe compartment (not that my feet smell!)

Photo Shoots at the Beach:

  • The sneaky side pocket is perfect for keeping my wet swimwear away from my electronics post-shoot!
  • Maximum capacity so I can fit tons of bikinis inside!
  • Eleven pockets so I can organize make-up, jewelry, hair accessories and reduce the “search time” for what I need!

Traveling to Europe:

  • The soft, fleece lined zippered pocket hold my watch and jewelry as I go through security!
  • The inside has a trigger clip key-chain lanyard attached so I never can forget where I put my house keys when I return!
  • Padded interior laptop pocket keeps my MacBook Pro protected!
  • Padded shoulder protector so I can easily carry Luxx through airports!

Want More Info on the Luxx? Click Here!

Here are a few pics of us on the road with Luxx!

Bottom Line

If I didn’t absolutely love the Luxx, wouldn’t be telling you about it! It’s versatility is second to none, and I even like it more than my Tumi!

Get your Luxx bag here!


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