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The Jet Set Guide the official guidebook of Jet Set Life and quite honestly, our baby!

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What is The Jet Set Guide?
The Jet Set Guide, quite simply, is the best damn boutique guidebook on the planet!

Who is The Jet Set Guide created for?
We designed The Jet Set Guide for people that want to know where the secret, hidden, trendy, unique, experiences, restaurants, day life, shopping, night life and unique things to do are in the world’s coolest destinations!

If you want a history lesson or an all-inclusive resort, The Jet Set Guide is NOT for you!

How many destinations are there?
The Jet Set Guide is now available for 20, yes, TWENTY, hip, sexy, cool destinations in the USA, South America, Africa and Europe. Asia is on our radar and hopefully coming soon!

Check out all of our destinations here.

Why did you start writing The Jet Set Guide?
The Jet Set Guide came happened out of our own necessity. We were on our first trip to Rio de Janiero and we only had a normal, heavy, 300 page guide book. There was just too much to look at and choose from. Honestly, we just wanted to know where the cool sh*t was! So- we asked our concierge, figuring he’d give us the “in” spots. WRONG! He sent us to a beyond touristy, expensive, BORING restaurant for dinner two nights in a row. After the second night, we were pissed. It’s like we spent all this time and money flying to Rio, one of the most exciting cities on the planet, and were LOST!

This, is how The Jet Set Guide was born.

How the restaurants, hotels, shops etc.. get into The Jet Set Guide?
First, let me say that The Jet Set Guide is filled with places that we have PERSONALLY been to and experienced. We always say, we endure the crap so you don’t have too. Now, how do we find these places? Easy. Rob does 3-6 months of pre-trip research calling friends and acquaintances around the world for tips. Then….he takes those tips and cross references them with each other to find which places come up most often. He looks at reviews, websites and sometimes, even calls them and interviews the owners and managers to find out more. Then, he creates an loose itinerary.

Once we arrive, he continues asking people that he feels are “like us” and like hip, cool things. Often, the itinerary continues to change, then we hit as many possible places as we can.

Only the ones we love make it into The Jet Set Guide.

How is The Jet Set Guide different from the average guidebook?
The Jet Set Guide is designed to give you only the things that we love. This includes hotels, restaurants, things to do, beaches, shops, nightclubs etc.. We include everything we love. Now, what makes us different is that’s all we include. No fluff, no star rating. Just everything we LOVE!

For the average boutique-loving traveler, we have enough in our guide to get you through a 1-2 weeks stay in every destination. If you’re traveling for a bit longer and want more options, then you can always email us and we’ll give you Tier 2 places that were so-so. (But chances are, like us, you’ll love our picks so much that you’ll repeat them!)

Why is The Jet Set Guide digital only?
The Jet Set Guide is only available in digital eBook form because it’s the easiest to take with you. Everyone, for the most part, has a smart phone, iPad, iPhone or laptop that comes with them on vacation. Soooo much better than carrying that bulky guidebook around with you all over Europe!

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