Travel Guides Questions and Answers

What is the Secret List?

The Secret List, quite simply, is the best damn guidebook on the planet! We designed our Secret Lists for people that want to know where the secret, hidden, trendy, unique, restaurants, day life, shopping, night life and unique things to do are.

Have Rob and Kim actually been to every place?

Yep. We have personally been to every single place listed in our guidebooks and vetted the heck out of it. We can actually be quite annoying when we show up. We drill the owners with questions, until they say uncle, Many places we’ve been to, never see the light of day in our guidebook. Honestly, we have to endure a lot of crap to find the best of the best.

Why should I buy your travel guide?

Go to a book store and pick up any travel guide. Go ahead. We’ll wait. Now, notice that it’s the size of War and Peace. Most guidebooks are 300 pages of boring stuff that you’ll never do. Or worse, they include every single business in the city! We designed our guidebooks to get right to the point. In other words we give you the stuff that “you’ve gotta do” and have eliminated the rest. Our guidebooks are designed as if we’re speaking to our best friends telling them which boutique hotel to stay in, which restaurants and nightlife are musts and which cool, unique things that you absolutely have to do. When you use our guidebook, your trip will be 1 gazillion times better. It’s a tested scientific fact!

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