30 Days Away

When we began Jet Set Life, we began with the vision of creating a location independent income so we could live, work travel and do what ever the F**k we want….and still have an income rolling in. Well, we are ALMOST there. Over the last two years, we’ve created an annual 6-figure income that is kinda on autopilot….so, we want to push our travel limits a little bit more than usual. This year, we’ve decided to take 30 days in July in the Greek Islands. And, we’re heading back to our Jet Set Life video roots and will be taking you all along for the ride and behind the scenes. Of course, now there’s a toddler in tow…but she’s pretty cool and has travel in her blood.

Our goal is to provide strategies and tips that we use to travel including everything from the planning phase to the parties and yes, even though we have a mini-murgatroyd we can still get into some trouble.

If you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode, jump on our list and we’ll make sure your first to see our shizzle….and of course, the trademark bloopers too.

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