Our New Home in Mykonos: The Andronikos Hotel

Thanks to our super hot doppelganger couple at Mykonos Exclusive, Jet Set Life has a new home in Mykonos!  The Andronikos Hotel is a definite in-the-know gem of a hot spot that we were shy about sharing with our audience! Why? Because it has become our little honey hole in Mykonos, a place where we feel 100% free. This refreshingly unpretentious family owned and operated boutique, design hotel has more to offer than stunning modern rooms and gorgeous views of the town and sea. The Andronikos Hotel magically created an experience for their guests.


During our last stay in Mykonos we got to experience the magic of the Andronikos, we created some beautiful lifelong friendships with other guests and the wonderful staff has become our family. The Andronikos Hotel has become our new home in Mykonos.

Overall Vibe:  With rooms laid out more like a village and less like a hotel, you don’t feel like a guest. Lounge poolside by day on the lounge chairs or beds, ordering incredible local iced coffee drinks or cocktails and lunch of the incredible menu.

The Perfect Guest: The perfect guest for the Andronikos loves luxury, and appreciates hotel design, but should be able to relax and enjoy the splendors of the Greek Islands without the pretentiousness.

The Pool Scene: The hotel pool provides a serene and sexy backdrop where international celebrities casually lounge poolside next to the local social elite and lucky guests who were able to score a room during the peak of the summer season. This mix of see-and-be-seen, however doesn’t create a a ‘click’ society reminiscent of your teenage years, as it does at other top Mykonos hotels. Instead, somehow at the Andronikos socializing comes naturally and creating lifelong friendships poolside is the norm.


The Location: Just a 10 minute walk north of Mykonos town, the Andronikos Hotel has a great central location that makes exploring the island of Mykonos simple.

The Hotel Design: Cheeky, sexy, modern design combines with traditional Mykonian white-on-white style. Calming, relaxing and serene.

The Room to Book: Book a newly designed Cocoon Room with a large balcony and an ocean view. You’ll wake up to stunning views of the pool, the town, the sea and then later enjoy the sunset from your balcony. Bonus!!! Greek hair and skincare products provided by Korres fill your bathroom with the beautiful scents of Greece.

The Restaurant: Lady Finger is the hotel’s premier fine dining restaurant where you can dine by candlelight poolside or with a view of the town lights and sea.  The menu offers simple in-season ingredients, traditional Greek flavors, but the dishes, like the hotel, are designed beautifully and offer a whole new gastronomic experience unlike any other we’ve had in Mykonos. Quite honestly, this is arguably the BEST restaurant on the island.

The Staff: The casually cool staff are always willing to go the extra mile and make sure you are 100% taken care of. They truly make you feel like you’re at home and not in a stuffy hotel.

The Pool Bar: In the morning they’re serving some of the best coffee on the island, mid-day poolside cocktails are flowing, but at night – this bar really heats up! It’s like a scene straight out of the movie ‘Cocktail’.


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