Atlantis Books: A Literary Dream Come True

During our week long stay in Santorini in 2008, we searched for things that were unique. And when we stumbled into Atlantis Books we knew we found something special, we just didn’t know how truly unique this place was!

The story: Immediately we were greeted by a beautiful, young American girl. Once she began speaking, we realized, wow, this girl is smart! We inquired more about her, only to find out she had just completed her undergrad at Harvard, and was going to Harvard law in the Fall. When asked what she was doing in Santorini, she informed us that the Atlantis Bookstore internship was one highly coveted by Harvard students! We were blown away by this story. A clearly brilliant girl, fighting to work a semester in a tiny bookstore half-way around the world, literally sleeping in the back of the store and excited about getting the opportunity to “sign the ceiling” upon her departure in the Fall. Unique…yep, we definitely found that! Along with some amazing English-written books that look as historic as the walls of the town.

This is one bookstore that will absolutely withstand the electronic-media age!

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