Mooo…ve Over, XV Beacon Has Boston’s Best Steakhouse!

63336_438258751439_6494409_nOver the past week I’ve discovering the best hidden restaurants in Florence, Italy! As you can imagine, the food was amazing, almost everywhere we went. But who would’ve guessed that one of my favorite meals, would have been the one I had the night I returned from beautiful Tuscany on my stop-over in Boston! Not me, for sure. Here’s the story.

After 12 hours of air travel, only to land in a freezing cold New England blizzard, we just wanted a hot shower, a warm meal and a comfy bed . The closest that we were getting to being home, was my home in Beantown, XV Beacon. Rob and I had plans to hit one of Boston’s great restaurants, but we were exhausted. We knew that Chef Jamie Mammamo co-owns some of our favorite Boston restaurants like Mistral, Sorelina and Teatro and he also co-owns the hotel’s restaurant, Mooo. To make things easy, we decided to just walk downstairs and grab an early dinner at Mooo.

The first thing that struck us was the decor. As in all of their restaurants, they keep it modern without losing that intimate and elegant feel that you desire when you are out on the town with special someone. Our table, tucked in a cozy corner in the back of the restaurant had two oversize chairs that made us feel like royalty being shielded from the paparazzi at the next table.

First we glanced at the drink menu. We saw an exceptional list of great wines, definitely known as one of the best in the city; however just coming straight from the grape fields of Tuscany, we opted for one of the seasonal specialty cocktails. For me, the pumpkin pie martini was calling my name. When it arrived with a dollop of whipped cream, I knew it would not disappoint!

Once we had our drinks, an absolutely sinful pan of freshly baked rolls arrived! This is when I knew we were not just ‘grabbing a bite’. This was going to be amazing.

13173335_10153499019716440_4712591094794654105_oNow for the main menu. The only problem that we had was making a choice! How can you with items like Kobe beef dumplings and main lobster bisque to start off, followed by choosing the perfect cut of steak. Would we choose be the perfectly seasoned filet, the crowd favorite Delmonico or possibly the 100% Kobe Kagoshima Prefecture from Japan. By the way, Kobe is now “in fashion” in many steakhouses across the country, however, not all Kobe steaks are created equal. Many steakhouses promote “Kobe-style” beef, taken from domestically-raised. This is not the same as real, Kobe that is flown in from Japan and served in restaurants like Mooo. Once we’ve decided on our steaks, for me the lean eight-ounce filet and for Rob the Delmonico, it was time to choose sides. I prefer vegetables with my steak, like the nice exotic mushroom mix, but honestly, the Moo mac and cheese with lobster was calling our name! So, we decided on both.

Then, the dessert menu came. I should have never looked. With items like the S’More, Bananas Foster and Bailey’s Hot Fudge Sundae for Two, this dessert menu is sure to bring you right back to your youth (with an adult twist of course).

After we ate as much of the insanely decadent bananas foster as we could, we paid our check and went upstairs to our room and crawled into that comfy bed that we were so desperately needing. Yes, we ordered way more food than we could have ever eaten. We did not finish most of it, but we definitely do not regret our choices!

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