Cafe Havana: Where Dancing Pours into the Streets of Cartagena

Cartagena’s local hot spot, the Cuba-centric Cafe Havana may be getting tons of international attention after Hilary Clinton’s night-out at the small dance club. But, Jet Set Life was there first! This packed solid night club is just outside the protective walls of old-town Cartagena but is beyond worth the taxi ride!

After paying just a few pesos to the machete wearing door man, you’re in to one of the most fabulous, dance havens in the world! With a Cuban band playing live music, cheap drinks that put any South Beach knock-off mojito to shame – there’s no place we’d rather be. The only hitch, finding a place to sit, stand or dance! This place gets so packed that the patrons literally start dancing in the streets.

Absolutely one of our favorite places and a MUST DO in Cartagena!

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