JK Capri: Prepare To Get Your Mind Blown

Every once in a while a hotel will blow my frickin’ mind. Words can not do justice to how the JK Place in Capri succeeds in rendering even the most jaded traveler to their knees. There are certain things that we come to expect when we stay at a high end hotel. Perhaps a great concierge, fantastic amenities or just some personal touches.

Well, kids, you’re not in Kansas anymore. The JK Capri is off the hizzle! OK, so, here’s the deal. To get to Capri requires you to bring out your inner Christopher Columbus. It’s a bit of planes, trains and automobiles.
We flew into Rome. Took a train to Naples. Then grabbed a ferry to Capri. When your ferry arrives, you’re greeted by an Armani suit holding a sign with your name on it. He grabs your bags and escorts you to a tricked out golf cart (think of what Bentley would come up with if they made golf carts).

When you arrive inside the hotel (think villa/mansion) on a bluff overlooking the Mediterranean, a receiving line of 5 people assemble with military precision to welcome you with a sincere open heart (it’s palpable). You’re then taken out to the veranda, which overlooks the ocean, to do a proper check in – while you’re being served delicious snacks and a cocktail. Over snacks you get to know the JK Place Capri hotel manager Samuel Porreca (we’ll get to him later).

So, lets stop and think about this for a second. You’ve just flown all night. Taken every conceivable mode of transportation to get here. And are suffering the jet lag of a 6 hour time change. You’re totally shot. But, as this JK Capri experience unfolds you seem to forgot all your woes. I am a major pain in the a** when I travel. When I sat down with Samuel I had list of questions about all the secret hidden spots in Capri. He totally picked up what I was putting down and told me what was hot and what wasn’t. In the end there were no less than 10 places that I needed set up for lunch, dinner and nightlife. I asked Samuel if he needed me to write down everything we discussed to book the various reservations. He tapped on his temple with his index finger and said “I got it all right here”. I looked at Kim and said this will NEVER happen!

Man, was I wrong! I won’t go into all the details about how perfectly he orchestrated every single detail, but I will tell you it was no less than AMAZING. Imagine that every restaurant you go to is expecting you with a reserved sign on the table and a chilled glass of Champagne. How about the hottest beach club in Capri, with a line out the door and when you arrive you’re taken directly to a waiting lounge chair with the best private view of the ocean. The JK Place in Capri can open doors on this island like I have NEVER seen a hotel do. It’s so much more than that. These people are just cool. I mean people that you genuinely want to hang out with. Before you go out at night they set up h’ourderves in their library that are made from all local ingredients and are incredible! You have your own personal bar man that remembers what you like, what you don’t and creates custom cocktails for you to try.

When you come home at night (because that’s what it feels like) you have someone that will ask you about how everything went. Everyone in that hotel knows who you are and where you went. It’s like they stick a GPS on you. It’s freaky. I guess I’ll stop here, because I really could go on for days. This place is not cheap. Though, in my opinion you get 100 times your money worth. In fact, I’m not sure you can even put a price on it.

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