Anema e Core: Capri’s Most Famous Nightclub

The name, Anema e Core translated says “With All My Heart & Soul” – it’s without a doubt the most perfect name for this famous Capri hot spot.

Dancing the night away in Europe is nothing new. But, at Anema e Core in Capri, dancing the night away is just a little bit different. This is no electronic beat playing dance club, this tiny cave of a night club with super long lines, attracts the famous celebrities – George Clooney, Beyonce & Jay Z just to name a few, fashion icons like Missoni, models and locals of all ages.

Why is this little place so popular? Simple, to party with Guido! Guido Lembo is the main act playing live music from Italy and Spain mostly. Guido is a master of getting even the most famous of patrons on stage for an impromptu show or better yet, onto the tabletops for dancing wee into the morning hours.

But, I will warn you- if you don’t go early, you won’t get in and if you don’t stay late, you just won’t get why this place is so popular. The party truly kicks off around 11pm and lasts as long as the band is willing to play.

Also- This place is for people who like to have a great time! If you’re willing to leave your ego at the door, wear an orange wig, beat a giant tambourine or get on stage and belt out your favorite tune (only if you have the singing chops- this isn’t karaoke!) – this this place is for you. If you’re an uptight kinda guy or gal that isn’t willing to let your hair down- don’t come!

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