J.K. Place La Dolce Vita Meets Malibu

12717476_10156497789700433_5950393661773673754_nWhen we saw the promotion for the J.K. Malibu, we about fell over. It was the most beautiful marriage between two things we love, the Southern California lifestyle and our favorite Italian hotel brand. However, this experience of La Dolce Vita meets So Cal fresh was only to last a few days. We had been on the road every weekend coast to coast for two months already….So, what are a couple Jet Setters (and a baby) to do???? Easy. Book flights and make it happen!

The anticipation of this event was intense. The J.K. Place always brings an exceptional class of service mixed with a loving laid back Italian vibe that truly makes you feel at ease, none of that stuffy, high brow b.s., which is why we love this brand so dearly.

We were so grateful to be invited to a one-night, 3 hour cocktail event at what has to be the single most stunning, Malibu mansions on the ocean.

Funzie Side Note: Later we saw an ad with Mathew McConaughey where this mansion was used.

The Event

Every detail of this house oozed J.K. Place. As we’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy all three J.K. properties Capri, Florence and Roma… we are very aware of the signature J.K. style. Every detail of this Malibu popup was perfection.

IMG_3425As you entered this home, the scent of J.K. was in the air, quite literally. There’s no mistaking Dr Vranjes fragrances. As we toured this modernly elegant mansion, we felt the true spirit of the J.K. everywhere. The J.K. linens appeared on each bed, their monogrammed robes hung in the impressive bath, behind the bar was their best craft cocktail creator from Rome and in the kitchen was the J.K. prized chef creating melt-in-your mouth tastes of Italy. Outside on the veranda, as we watched the sun set, we noshed on wood oven pizza was being served up along side the most delicately delicious prosciutto. Last, what Malibu mansion would be complete without a gorgeous infinity pool overlooking the crash waves and the orange sunset. Of course no J.K. experience would be complete without the “bones” of the place, their incredible property managers, who have become our friends over the years Samuel and Claudio. And with the J.K. playfulness that we love, an alligator head was poking out of the pool watching the festivities unfold.

To some, flying to the West Coast for a 3 hour event would be silly. Not to us. This was beyond worth it. The J.K. Place has been a part of our life for many years. Our only wish is that this stateside popup experience was permanent.

I say this an emphatically as possible. If you ever get the opportunity to experience a J.K. Place property, don’t pass it up. You simply can’t go wrong.

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    Chiara Natale
    January 29, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    JK Palace in Capri is simply one of the most beautiful location of the world!!!

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