Jet Set Life’s Guide to Miami Music Week

Miami Music Week is exactly what it sounds like, a week long ode to music, particularly dance music. The streets of South Beach are filled with music loving people of all ages, neon $100,000 cars splashed with artist logos and there are massive parties on every corner. With so much going on, how do you know where to stay, what to do, where to party etc..?

Well, that’s where we come in handy! We’ve been hitting Miami Music Week (MMW) for the past few years so we’re putting together a list that will make your experience oh so much better.

When is MMW 2015: Late March, exact dates have yet to be released.

Where to Stay in South Beach:

The Shore Club

The Shore Club gives you everything you want during MMW. For us that means an ultra-hip hotel, great amenities, great service, beach access, incredible pool parties, delicious restaurant options and the ability to be “in” or “out” of the party when we want to, unlike other hotels that are either 100%, 24/7 party central or nursing home quiet. It’s like a little oasis of party-perfection.

A few reasons why we love The Shore Club for MMW…

  • You are within walking distance (or extremely short taxi ride if you’re a gal in heels) to most of the South Beach restaurants, lounges, special events, pool parties and beach parties.
  • You’re not in the middle of a 24 hour concert like you are at other hotels (FYI: which just because you stay at a hotel, doesn’t grant you access to their biggest events).
  • You have access to the infamous Shore Club pool parties.
  • Concierges are amazing and can make just about anything happen!
  • The parties in the hotel at night attract the best looking crowds in SoBe.
  • And, you never know which top artist you’ll run into in the elevator…just sayin, if it’s good enough for the top-dogs of dance music…then it’s good enough for you!

For an in-depth review of the Shore Club Click Here

Events During MMW:

Winter Music Conference – all week long

If you’re a budding music producer, DJ, singer or just a over the top fan, then don’t forget to buy your ticket to Winter Music Conference. This is your chance to get up close and personal with all your favorite dance music artists, producers, DJs and singers, as well as managers, booking agents etc.. This is a who’s-who in the dance music industry. There are seminars, break out sessions and Q & A’s all week long that you can choose from.

Bottom line- if you’re trying to climb the dance music ladder and you’re not at WMC, you’re dumb. Period.

Ultra Music Festival – March 27-29th

The is the ultimate dance music festival! Every DJ/Producer that you want to see, all in one place.

Tens of thousands of people, multiple stages, incredible artists in every sub-genre and insane VIP areas. Ultra Music Festival offers 3 full days of music acts that you’ve been dying to see.

Jet Set Life’s Tips for Ultra Music Festival

Go VIP: This may sound like a spoiled brat talking but…. a VIP ticket will help you in so many ways….

  • Avoid long lines at check in with a special VIP lane.
  • Give you access to VIP areas at the main stage and other stages with great views and less sticky, sweaty bodies to rub up against you.
  • VIP toilets…which I PROMISE you want access to!
  • VIP food and beverage areas.
  • And a goodie bag with a bunch of cool Ultra Music Festival gear.

Getting to Ultra: Don’t attempt to drive to Ultra and park. It’ll be impossible.Check out Ultra’s Transportation Guide for easy ways to get to the festival.

If you want to skip public transportation all together, then book a driver to drop you off and pick you up with a set meeting point many blocks from the festival grounds (they won’t be able to get close after the show). Know going in, that you will sit in traffic for a very, very long time.

Safety at Ultra: With Ultra like any other massive gathering of people, there are shady characters up to no good. But most people are fun loving and there to share peace, love and enjoy great music. It’s a long day in the hot Miami sun, drink plenty of water and wear sunscreen, don’t bring large amounts of money, be aware of your surroundings and don’t do drugs. It’s as simple as that. You also may want to bring a Mophie or additional phone battery in case you use all your juice.

The Parties

During Miami Music Week, pool parties and big club events are a dime a dozen.

The hardest part is deciding which ones to go to! We have a few tips for this…

When to Buy Tickets: Start Looking in January at


Go VIP to Big Parties: If you’re planning to see a major artist or DJ at a pool party or night club, go VIP. Again, may sound like we’re trying to be fancy but we’re not. If you’re not on a VIP ticket, you may never get in to the biggest parties- or it may take a freaking long time. We made the mistake of buying general admission to a Steve Angello pool party at the Fountain Blu a few years ago and the line was about a mile long- no joke. We left and lost the money on the tickets. Learn from us, and just go VIP to the big ones.

Don’t Over Schedule: With parties day, night, late night and when the sun comes up… you’re going to need some chill time too! And, because you need to buy your tickets in advance to the big parties, you don’t want to waste money. Choose your parties carefully, maybe pick one or two (at the very most) for each day and enjoy yourself.

Go to Nightclubs Early: VIP or not, get there early. If you wait until the normal “going out hour” of 11pm, you’ll probably be in line while the main artist is taking the stage. Better be safe than sorry.


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