Top 11 Gifts for the Jet Set Traveler

1. GoPro HERO3+: Silver Edition

Why We Love It: This little camera offers incredible picture quality, awesome lens options like fish-eye and slow motion AND it comes with high-wind, and water proof cases. This is the best camera on the market for action photography and video!
Cost: $299

2. Mophie Juice Pack Helium Battery Pack Case for iPhone 5

Why We Love It: There is nothing worse than landing in a foreign country with a dead phone! Worse, missing out on taking that amazing, once in a lifetime photo of the sunset because your phone died. The Mophie will provide a back up charge so when you need it, it’s there!
Cost: $89.99

3. Philosophy Happy Travels Set Value Set

Why We Love It: Get amazingly clean with the three-in-one cleanser, de-puff your tired eyes, tone and soften skin with the firming emulsion, and be delightfully perfumed from head to toe. The set comes in a travel-friendly, quart-size bag ideal for your carry-on.
Cost: $32.00

4. Nap Travel Gift Set

Why We Love It: Are you flying coach, overseas? No problem! Ditch that itchy blanket and pillow in favor of your new small, soft and snugly Nap Travel Set. The set includes a neck pillow, blanket and eye mask.
Cost: $64.95

5. Ear Planes

Why We Love It:  Ear Planes will keep your ears from popping during take off and reduce the noise level in the plane by 20 decibels while you’re trying to sleep. Perfect for the light sleeper or even your kids!
Cost: $11.99

6. Global Adapter with 2 USB Ports

Why We Love It: This is an all-in-one Global Adapter that changes the plug shape for worldwide use! One Plug = The Whole World. It’s designed for dual-voltage appliances and USB devices, or use in combination with a converter.
Cost: $35.99

7. Tumi Just In Case Travel Duffel Bag

Why We Love It: This is the “Now you need me, now you don’t” duffel bag! This lightweight duffel bag fits into a small pouch for easy carrying when it’s not in use. Then, when you shop more than you though you would, simple unpack the pouch and boom, another bag that can double as a carry on (and easily side over the handles of your roller-board carry on). Cost: $95.00

8. Flight001 Luggage Tags

Why We Love It: We don’t recommend checking your luggage, but in the event you must, you’ll need a unique luggage tag to separate your black 22″ back from everyone elses! These luggage tags are bright, fun and full of personality!
Cost: $12-25

9. F1 Landing Pak

Why We Love It:  Keep everything you need to freshen up in one place! Multiple zip up pockets for toiletries, plane tickets, passports and anything else you may need handy for your arrival.
Cost: $22.00

10. BuddyTag

Why We Love It: Parents that travel with small children will LOVE this one! BuddyTag makes wristbands for your child that are colorful and comfortable. It allows you to track them via a phone app. The app alerts you if your child is too far from you, lets you know exactly where they are and the wristband has a panic button so if your child needs you, you’re just an alert away!

BuddyTag works with iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S and Android version 4.3 or newer.
Cost: $34.95

11. Printstagram Gift Card

Why We Love It: Give your traveler the gift of printing their favorite Instagram photos straight from their phone! They will be able to create photos, stickers, books, or simply just print the pictures.
Cost: $20-100

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