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Ep 8 Bulletproof Brain Boosting Coffee (or Tea)

itunes-subscribe-web-button-2Bulletproof Coffee (or Tea) has changed our breakfast!

We’ve been doing tons of research on the best way to start your day. Through Charles Poliquin, we’ve learned that fat and protein is the way to go. We tested it, along with our nutrition line for Rob’s last 16 week challenge. The results were insane!

Don’t drink coffee? Kim has also done this with tea!

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SHOW NOTES: Bullet Proof Brain Boosting Coffee

We use a special coffee that is infused with coconut oil and green tea to make it less acidic and easier on your system. Then we add MCT Brain Octane and Kerry Gold Irish Butter into the Vitamix and BOOM!

See you all next week with another Jet Set Life VLOG!

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